Gordon Vs Eduardo

Gordon is able to knock out Nygma before Nygma can kill him and proceeds to use him and Barbara to help him out of the first confrontation he has with Eduardo. I am not surprised that Gordon doesn’t trust Barbara but at the same time, it seems that she seems genuine towards him for the first time in a long time. I should have seen the fact that she was pregnant before because I knew that Barbara’s feelings for Gordon although still there are not as strong as they used to be. Gordon, using Lucious’s help is able to extract the chip out of Nygma’s head and using it to find out about what Walker wants from Gotham. The team of Gordon, Barbara, Lucious, Nygma, Bruce and Alfred, then proceed to help rescue those imprisoned by the soldiers at the GCPD and try to get Lee back.

I don’t know how no one saw Lee being an operative like Nygma because both of them where injured around about the same time so it makes sense that they would both be operatives, then again when Penguin said he found Nygma and took him to Hugo Strange, he did not mention Lee so maybe there is some ambiguity there. Walker overplayed her hand trying to get Lee to kill Gordon so quickly, she should have slow played it because Lee is the perfect way to Gordon’s heart. Gordon is able to overpower Eduardo, seemingly killing him but Walker finally reveals herself (anyone else surprised by her youth?) and puts the ever so famous Bane mask on Eduardo and I have to say, that the voice coming out of it, is downright AWESOME! I hope it does wonders for him. Whatever Walker’s plan is, she is not telling and the reason she took down Haven was that it was a good symbol to the government and they were going to send help so it had to be taken down. What she plans on doing with Gotham when she is killing all the villains and there are barely any good people left, I have no idea.

Team Penguin and Cat

Penguin has no choice but to turn to Selina (ever notice how she doesn’t ask people to call her ‘Cat’ anymore?) when he is robbed by the Magpie. Through some events, we find out that Penguin has a way of getting out of Gotham. It seems that this is everyone’s plan now that Gotham is basically going to become destitute. Selina wants out as well and an unlikely but necessary alliance is formed. I wonder how long their alliance will last when everyone eventually finds out that Jeremiah is alive again? Especially cause he has no problem getting back to whatever plan he has been cooking up in the open, just taking Alfred like that. It was great to see Selina use her whip though.

Rating: 7.1/10