Today’s mission was to find Tilly, the plan seemed simple, right? Well, nothing is ever simple on this show.

Burnham is feeling wrecked after finding out about the state of Tilly which is unknown. Tilly’s life signs can’t be found but Stamets comes to the conclusion that maybe it was because she was transported into the network. In the previous episode, it seemed like the organisms wanted Tilly for some nefarious reason but we find out it is because they need her to help them fight off another organism that is destroying them. Tilly is filled with both shock, fear and anger as anyone can understand that she is tired of this organism being called May and she’s also afraid of it. Tilly agrees to help her as long as they promise to return her back to her ship. It is the first time that we get to see Tilly really lose it, in terms of anger, and it is definitely entertaining.

Discovery gets a hold of a signal that they think is Spock but after transporting the shuttle onto the ship they realize that is Captain (Emperor), Georgiou. Apparently Section 31 of Starfleet has been tasked with bringing in Spock, there is a slight pissing contest between Leland and Pike but in the end, Tyler is tasked to stay on the Discovery until further notice. Now I know that Tyler left the Discovery after a wave of horrible and confusing events but everyone reacts to him as if this is the first time they are seeing since he killed Dr. Culber. Tyler and Burnham clash when he is unable to tell her why he is with section 31 or why he is no longer on Kronos but he promises her that he will make sure that Spock is not hurt by Georgiou who has been taunting Burnham.

Despite his eagerness to know what is going on with a completely different Georgiou and why Tyler is able to be free after what he did Pike focuses the ship on the mission of bringing Tilly back. Tilly is excited to get help from Discovery and all seems well until they find out what has been killing the organisms in the mycelial network: Dr. Culber. To be honest, I did not believe it was him, I thought for sure the organism was playing with all of their minds and yet, through some very confusing science, it seems it could be possible. They are able to save Dr. Culber from the network and therefore save the network from him and Leland and Pike are forced to work together on bringing Spock in for questioning.

I doubt Georgiou is telling the truth about wanting to bring in Spock peacefully to Burnham, I mean why taunt her so much before then? I know it will take a while before Dr. Culber is back to the person he used to be and all of this is not going to help with the constant presence of Tyler.

Rating: 7.9/10