This episode had Barry leaving Nora as the sole speedster, which led to some very funny and naive decisions being made although not much of an intense episode.

Cicada, now knowing about Iris being connected to The Flash goes snooping around her office whenever he is there he either comes across Iris or Sherloque and someone on Team Flash or Cecile ends up dead, so Nora keeps going back in time to change things. I think you can tell Nora’s naivety by the sheer number of times (52) that she went back in time, alone, that she has no idea about how time traveling has an effect on the present. Nora’s decisions although ending up in the success of wounding Cicada and saving all members of Team Flash and Cecile alive was very dangerous. Barry explains to her about timeline changing the same Jay taught him and Nora now wondering about all the meddling she has done before this with Eobard and its effects. Nora questions Eobard but he ensures her that he knows what he is doing, I do believe that (even if it is not in The Flash’s best interest).

This episode had some fun moments but with Nora being the only speedster around there was plenty of missed, future opportunities. I mean it would have totally been more interesting if Nora by mistake kept letting things about Team Flash’s future slip. The introduction of Nora was definitely something the show needed because it had kind of gotten stuck in a loop of every plot leading back to the past and don’t get me wrong there was a time there with Savitar where they were concerned about the future but it seemed more of a worry about more of the immediate future. I mean they have been staring at that future newspaper about The Flash disappearing in a crisis, did anyone else think to ask about what happened and when or if he came back?

So now Nora is on the show and we have a great window into the future, I mean Eobard was that back in season 1 and yet all Nora has done is slip secrets about her parents’ life instead of everyone else’s. Is that intentional? Did something happen to other members of Team Flash? Does Wally step up after Barry disappears? Who captured Reverse Flash? I am glad that Sherloque is still suspicious of Nora though.

This season was supposed to be filled with answers and instead, it’s skipping over chances to explain plotholes or future references and going right for Cicada. Set the stage first, we need to know the stakes.

Rating: 6.4/10