(in no particular order)

The tone of the show:

The show could have fallen into the trap that most of the recent TV Show comic book adaptations have (besides those at The CW): Going to dark to be cool. Shows like Titans, Daredevil etc. tried so hard to be nuanced by making their shows extremely gritty and vulgar and although they succeeded in the beginning, they became extremely tired towards the end. The Umbrella Academy delivers dark, humorous, emotional and musicality (dance breaks) in such a great balance that it engages with all forms of your attention.

Number 5:

Probably the funniest member of The Umbrella Academy, yet the oldest and the one carrying this huge secret about the fate of the world. Number 5 somehow is this cranky weird old man in a child’s body and the bulk of the hilarity is carried by the amazing portrayal by the actor Aidan Gallagher.


Some members of the team like Luther (has super strength) and Number 5 (can jump through space and time) have standard abilities but the others have these cool, nuanced abilities and even at their age are still finding out just how deep their powers can go like Diego (who has enhanced breath-holding abilities and knife throwing techniques – can even throw them around a curve), Allison (who can manipulate a person’s sense of reality by lying), Klaus (who can communicate with the dead and can project them and their abilities) and Vanya (who the extent of her abilities really can’t be measured for now).

Klaus (Number 4):

At first, when I saw Robert Sheehan was going to be playing someone like Klaus, I asked myself the same question that everyone else would, which was: What is the difference between this character and the one he played in Misfits (Nathan). Both are these sort of sarcastic, cocky and foul-mouthed individuals. Well, Klaus is way more messed up then you can imagine, and honestly when you see what he has to deal with, you are not surprised. Klaus lives his life constantly self-medicating with almost all forms of drugs to sort lessen his powers otherwise he would be surrounded with all this death, kind of like in The Sixth Sense. Klaus is one of the team that because of his fear of his abilities never really worked on progressing them and has only scratched the surface of what he is capable of.

Hazel & Cha-Cha:

You would think having been hitmen partners for as long as Hazel and Cha-Cha have been that they would have a semblance of love or trust amongst them but not even a little bit. Maybe it is because of the betrayal on both sides or because of their conflicting personalities but either way Hazel and Cha-Cha make unusual, funny and scary partners in crime.


Can we talk about how most of the craziness in the show’s premise is just swept under the rug? Like how did 43 women in 1989 get pregnant unexpectedly? Where are the rest of the children that weren’t adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves? How is everyone cool with the fact Number 5 is in love with a mannequin? Why wouldn’t the Commission want to stop the apocalypse? Why would you want everyone in the world to die?

Displays the effects of different forms of parenting on different kids:

Sir Reginald Hargreeves was far from a mediocre parent but his parenting styles were not the same for each of his children. He treated Luther as his favorite and that made him progress slower, socially than the others. Klaus was constantly berated for not living up to his potential and therefore never saw a reason to. Vanya was neglected completely which caused huge anger and frustration to fester until it was uncontrollable and unstoppable.

Time Travel:

The Umbrella Academy did not use time travel as a crutch which is difficult considering that when the viewer would get used to the powers of the characters, they did not try to overplay time travel instead choosing to give you tastes of such a complicated idea.

Rating: 8.1/10