This episode gave a slight insight into so many of Doom Patrol’s unique characters so let’s get to it.

Clifford Steele, before he met Niles Caulder (Chief), was the perfect example of what happens, sometimes, when men become successful he cheated on his wife and treated her horribly, he basically became one of those arrogant male athletes we always read about in the tabloids (think Tiger Woods or even an actor like Jude Law) but he decided to reconcile with his wife and daughter before being in a horrible crash that killed her and supposedly his daughter. Cliff’s brain is put into a robotic body, becoming Robotman, by Chief. I think Chief is self-serving, he was all ready to let Cliff get better thinking he was going to see his family and then turn around and ruin it once Cliff was better. Chief did not give Cliff much of a choice about his circumstance and now it seems he even lied about the fact Cliff’s daughter’s fate after that accident.

Cliff gets to meet the other members of the house as he progresses like Larry, who was just as much of a big shot as Cliff in the line of test piloting but after being exposed to negative energy, he crashed landed. Now we know that Larry was having an affair with a man and so he feels sort of used to feeling like a monster (remember this was going down in the ’60s). Larry is sort of this calming voice in the house, he seems like he is well adjusted but during the scene where Rita loses it, Larry runs away before his other side (Negative Man) steps in to help. There is more to Larry than the calming guy he portrays most of the time and I cannot wait to see what happens with him next. It is uncertain what Chief has done for him, in terms of his abilities, it just seems like he uses the house to hide, like Rita.

The only person in the house who looks the same as she used to, most of the time, is Rita Farr who was an actress in the ’50s. Big surprise, she was not well liked by the crew on her films but on one particular film shoot, she was exposed to a toxin that turned her plastic (Elasti-Girl). Now I am not sure if her powers are tied to her emotions or if them coming out is an inevitability but she sort of transforms and eventually becomes a big blob that is sort of uncontrollable, Cliff stops her from causing too much damage but we don’t actually get to see her change back and we don’t actually know if Chief has helped her condition at all. Rita’s transformation is the only one that was pretty public so I wonder if we will get to see more flashbacks of what it was like for afterward.

Jane is an unknown variable because she has so many personalities (Crazy Jane), who each have their own temperaments and abilities, she is definitely the most powerful and the most unstable. I just wonder what Chief has been doing with her, has he been helping her control her personalities showing up like in the movie Split? or has he just been documenting each personality? You don’t really get a huge amount of her life but I do like the bond they are setting up between her and Cliff. The bond sort of humanizes him and Jane gets to be all kinds of rude to a guy who was the same level of rude before he ended up here. Maybe, Cliff sees a daughter in her or maybe he sees her abrasiveness as penance for his previous actions, we won’t know their deal for a while though.

I think we it would be nice to get insight into the past of all the characters not just Rita, Jane as well as Larry. How did they end up with Chief? I think the past of those characters is going to take a back seat to finding out the past of Chief’s because his fear about them being found out was real when Eric Morden (Mr. Nobody), a man who was experimented on and turned into a metahuman by a former Nazi scientist, shows up threatening Chief and using a donkey, I think, to open up a hole that swallows up the town. What was Chief actually running from and why? Also, are none of them going to bring up Garfield Logan? Cause TITANS seems like it takes place earlier than this.

Rating: 8.0/10