This episode marks the public return of Jeremiah and how it affects every character.

Gordon is drawn to the scene where men with a Z slashed on their chests are found dead from a chemical agent, Gordon then realizes that he needs the help of Lee as these men belonged to a gang from the Narrows. Lee is then caught in an awkward situation as she was previously ready to rekindle things with him before Barbara told him she was pregnant. Barbara, wanting the best for her baby and maybe to piss her off (two birds), asks Lee to be her doctor. Lee and Gordon are then forced to confront the fact that they were supposed to be the ones, that had the baby so it more than hurts to see him, having that with another woman. Now I knew this baby situation was going to cause some drama but what makes me laugh is the fact Lee actually married someone else after she and Gordon broke up so it seems unfair that she resents him for a kind of moving on. Then again, maybe it’s just about who he moved on with that’s the problem. I guess by their kiss at the end of the episode, that they are going to try this whole blended family thing but I doubt Barbara will react well.

Bruce gets lured into a sort of trap that Jeremiah has set for him. Jeremiah wishes to be close to Bruce so he kidnapped a couple and gave them plastic surgery so they looked like Thomas and Martha Wayne so that he could kill them in the same alley, the real Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed so he could be connected to Bruce. In a surprising twist, Jeremiah, via Jervis Tetch, kidnaps Lee and Bruce to stand in as Bruce’s parents to connect them with hate. Now I thought that was a nice touch because although he definitely messed with Bruce’s head there when they were all having dinner in Wayne Manor, I also doubted the effect of killing those strangers would have on Bruce, so he pulled a hail mary.

Selina is working with Penguin on getting out of Gotham, when she realises that he has no clue as to how this is going to happen, even though he already stole everyone’s stuff. Selina then goes to Barbara to double cross Penguin and have them get away from Gotham. Barbara loves this plan and I have to wonder why she has such a hatred of the idea of raising a baby with Gordon but instead teams up with Nygma and Penguin in their plan to get away from Gotham. Selina leads Penguin to the tunnels that Jeremiah dug, thinking they lead out of Gotham when it actual fact, they lead to Wayne Manor, which has been blown up and the tunnel closed. Selina then goes off to help Bruce and helps save Gordon and Lee but not before Bruce gets into a struggle with Jeremiah and he drops into the vat of chemicals that killed those same men from the beginning. Jeremiah is declared braindead but we all know that no one in Gotham really dies.

One of the last scenes of the episode sees the chemicals from Ace chemicals being dispersed into the bay around Gotham and we know that that is a nice way to introduce a villain like Killer Croc or bring back Solomon Grundy.

Rating: 7.1/10