Discovery tracks another mysterious signal which leads them to Saru’s home planet of Kaminar. Saru is in a state where no one knows what is going on with him and he has become more confident, prompting Captain Pike to have hesitation about him getting involved but eventually letting him do so. Saru reminds me of a teenager at this point, he has no way of controlling his emotions and Pike seems like he doesn’t want to be disrespectful but also is afraid of how emotionally unstable Saru now is. Saru and Burnham are beamed down to the surface to find out information about the red angel from a village priest, where Saru comes face to face with his sister. They try to catch up but since they are on a mission they try to get information, neither of these are successful because the Ba’ul become aware of their presence. That is of no surprise to me, because if the Ba’ul are so technologically advanced that they could enslave the Kelpiens and also keep Starfleet from ever interfering then this little information mission was not going to go unnoticed.

When the Ba’ul demand Pike surrender Saru, Saru becomes overwhelmed with anger and refuses, letting slip that he survived vahar’ai, making the Ba’ul even more adamant about his return to them. Saru surrenders himself to them for his sister and Discovery is unable to track his location. Burnham becomes suspicious of why the Ba’ul were so pressed about Saru so both Tilly and Airiam sift through information previously obtained from the Sphere. We find out that Kelpiens used to be the dominant species on Kaminar, back when they would undergo vahar’ai but now that the Ba’ul are more technologically advanced, they stop the Kelpiens from evolving because they were once on the brink of extinction because of the evolved Kelpiens. Although the information that Saru’s survival of vahar’ai actually has a logical answer was surprising, it was not surprising to see how the Ba’ul reacted once they got the upper hand. I think that in their case at least the Kelpiens were not on the brink of extinction, that is until Disocvery triggers a sped up version of vahar’ai in all the Kelpiens on the planet, causing the Ba’ul to react and almost cause a genocide.

Right when we think the Kelpiens are about to be wiped out the red angel appears although using Saru’s enhanced vision we see that it looks like a human wearing a highly-advanced suit. The red angel shuts the Ba’ul’s technology down and disappears again. The red angel seems to be traveling through time and appears to mean no harm, of course, Tyler from Section 31 sees the dangers but I think the bigger question is what happens once Discovery actually comes face-to-face with the angel? What happens when all signals have been reached? Even if the red angel is steering them in a bad direction, how would they know? They travel to the signals and do the best they can? What if that is what the angel wants?

Saru was not the only one in the medical unit again, as Dr. Culber is back but he does not feel like himself. Stamets keeps trying to treat him the same but Dr. Culber looks severely uncomfortable with his touch or anyone’s presence. I don’t know if we are going to get the version of Dr. Culber we knew or if he is going to become something else. For all, we know he may become the opposite of the healer he once was.

Rating: 7.5/10