This episode picks up right where it left off with Cliff, Rita, Larry and Jane trying to help the people of the town as it begins to suck people into the vortex, that being said none of them actually have a plan of action and when even Chief gets sucked into the vortex, Jane jumps in after him while the rest of them just watch. Now, they only tried being the heroes one time and it failed but Rita and Larry are both are ready to give up, no surprise Larry thinks this all their fault for trying to live in the world. Although they may have brought danger to the town’s door, it does not explain why Chief has danger following him. I guess we have to come to the conclusion that Chief’s endeavors may force him to cross paths with unsavory characters and that may lead to dangerous results.

Vic Stone (Cyborg) sees news footage about the destruction of Cloverton and travels to investigate. On arrival Vic is greeted by a desolate town with Cliff chasing around the donkey because he knows that it must have some answers. Vic meets Cliff and right then the donkey spits out Jane. Back at the manor, Cliff is unable to interrogate Jane about what she experienced because she keeps changing her personalities. Jane is extremely powerful and the fact that each personality has an ability means she is treasure-trove of powers but because she is unable to control which personality comes out, it makes it very difficult to plan around her. Vic tries talking to her but right when he tries to convince her to talk Cliff learns more about Jane’s condition, the different personalities and about how violent some of them are. Cliff and Vic fend off attacks from Jane but are able to subdue her to her room. I wonder if Jane’s violent personalities are a defense mechanism or just violent but it was amazing to see more of her abilities. Diane Guerrero is an amazing performer and the character of Jane only works because of how good Diane is.

Vic realizes that the donkey’s mouth is a key/gateway and Rita begrudgingly agrees to go into the donkey’s mouth to see. Larry even helps after many failed attempts at leaving the city, I guess his negative being has more conviction about staying and helping than he does. Larry, Vic and Rita are sucked into the gateway where they are separately tortured by fantasies to put them off their search for Chief. Vic is tortured by the day of his accident, which also killed his mother, Larry is tortured by visions of his unfulfilled loved ones but Rita’s is getting to be an actress which is a torture because it is not real and she will have to go back to reality. Larry’s energy being ends up intervening and everyone is spit back out, including the people of the town. I think we are at this point where we can see the significance and power of the energy being and this episode we finally get to see Larry, who by the way seems to be the least emotionally unstable one, finally try and get a handle on his other half. I wonder why it took so long for Larry to get to that point, I mean it must be annoying for him to just pass out and wake up some time later.

Vic Stone is an interesting inclusion to the manor because he actually is a hero and has this drive to do good and the rest of them seem to be leaning towards that, it seems like he was what they needed to band together. Is Cyborg going to be the makeshift leader? Is Cliff going to keep treating Jane like his daughter? Is he ever going to go see how his daughter is doing? Does Larry’s energy being talk? Will Jane get a handle on her personalities? And what is she not telling us? Is Rita a weak link in the team? As she seems to have not gotten over what has happened to her and it makes her easy prey. I am not sure about this version of Cyborg, being more man than machine is definitely a step up from Justice League but it is still missing something.

Rating: 7.7/10

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