The Serpents Vs The Pretty Poisons Vs The Ghoulies

The Serpents’ numbers are dwindling after many of their female members left to join the Pretty Poisons, so this prompts Jughead to try and make peace with Toni. Now Toni, still mad about being removed from the gang the way she was is no mood to be messed with, she either wants to be Queen (replacing Betty) or nothing. Now I don’t know what is wrong with Jughead, is it really all that difficult to make Toni Queen if it makes sure that The Serpents stay together? I mean is he so stubborn that Betty has to be Queen he’d really listen to his mom and go to The Ghoulies? Yes.

After Cheryl leads The Pretty Poisons on an attack on Sweet Pea and Fangs (one which causes contention between her and Toni), Jughead talks to the former Ghoulies (now Gargoyles) to have them join The Serpents but they are reluctant, that is until Gladys takes control of them and now those creepy gang members are a part of The Serpents. Was it really worth it Jughead?

Veronica and Betty Vs Their Parents

Veronica Vs Hiram

Veronica struggles to keep her father’s attention off of the drugs she destroyed, she suggest he actually make his prison functional and make money legitimately. Now, Hiram is a gangster and will always be one so he takes Veronica’s idea and tries to make it shady and to do so he wants the help of Gladys Jones. Veronica gets worried about this and confronts Gladys who tries to get Veronica to be her inside man in Hiram’s operation, in exchange for decreasing the amount she owes her. Veronica is reluctant but remembers that her father will kill her mother if she does not cooperate with both Gladys and her father. Veronica is in between a rock and a hard place and covers for her mother, her father now insisting she owes him.

Betty Vs Alice

I don’t know why anyone else is not more concerned about the clear cult presence that is The Farm in Riverdale. I know that Alice was in a vulnerable place after what happened with Hal but it is like she has forgotten all about her inquisitive ways and is just going along with what The Farm is doing. I saw someone on Twitter claim that she could be going undercover, playing the long game, but I doubt Riverdale would do such an elaborate twist, especially one that could kill her. Betty finds out more information about The Farm and decides to contact people who have escaped from it and would help her with any information. She finds someone who tells her about the rebirth and Betty rushes to her dying mother’s side to save her. Now you would think holding someone underwater would be hard to do, if you are not a serial killer, but holding your own mother underwater has got to be new levels of crazy, shame on you Polly. Alice survives and takes the wrong message from her experience. She decides she is going to sell the house so she, Betty and The Farm can be one forever. How is no one focusing on this? FP where you at?

Meanwhile on the boring sides of the episode, Archie has been training to be a boxer, because the boy has clearly lost too much time at school and can no longer graduate in record time. Archie is desperate to get his name on the board but Tom Keller (his coach) insists he is not ready. Archie disregards this and sets up a shady fight against a guy who just wants a sure thing. Archie takes the money to lose but has a change of heart after talking with Josie. Archie gives back the money and fights but still loses and I can’t help but wish for the old days when Archie was on the run from Hiram. Not the best of times but better than this. That being said I loved Josie sang ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ by Tina Turner over all the ending sequences in the show.

Rating: 6.6/10