This episode of Gotham had almost forgetting about the state of the city at it got back to the roots of the show as Bruce and Alfred come face-to-face with the effects of the toxic spill in the river, Penguin and Nygma are held at gunpoint and Gordon and Bullock dive into an old case.

Cobblepot and Nygma

Nygma and Cobblepot still bump heads on the speed of the submarine building when they are visited by Cobblepot’s former accountant Arthur Penn. Arthur was thought to be dead after being shot and then Haven being brought down. Penn seems to be suffering from split personality and is sort of using the puppet named Scarface, who by the way has the creepiest face, to sort of confront Cobblepot. Now you know Cobblepot, he is always going to try and talk his way out of trouble and tries to convince Penn to calm down. Penn/Scarface get violent and the Scarface is shot. Now who else was hoping that once the puppet was out of Penn’s hands it would talk on it’s own, like have a mind of its own? Cause let’s tell the truth, the confrontation, without the looming suspense of a puppet come to life, fell short of interesting and dove into just sad.

Bullock and his past

If you have been watching Gotham for all of its seasons it is of no surprise to find out that Bullock used to bend the rules when he would conduct police business but what I find interesting is that this is the first time that it seems we see Bullock feel regret over a shady decision made back when he was a young cop. Bullock only really seemed to get a conscience when he met Gordon and even then it was hard to keep him on the good path for long. When two former GCPD officers are killed by what looks like Bullock’s old partner, they soon realize that they are dealing with a shapeshifter. This shapeshifter seems to have a vendetta against Bullock and Dix and Gordon soon realizes that it is in fact Jane Cartwright (Jane Doe).

Now I am never really on the side of a shady cop but when the facts of the case are laid out at first it seems like the cops did their jobs. They arrested Jane’s mother, back in the day, for killing her father. She admitted that she did and they got Jane to testify against her. Now I thought Jane was feeling guilty for putting her mother away and blamed them for making her do it but then we find out that Bullock knew that the father was abusive to both the mother and Jane and did nothing to help them after finding out, he never even checked in on Jane. Well if he had he would have found out that she had been sent to Indian Hill where, surprise surprise, she was experimented on by Dr Hugo Strange, the gift that keeps on giving two seasons later. Jane feels like a freak and is determined to kill Bullock, so he kills her in defense.

Gordon says he can’t give Bullock any kind of forgiveness but I think that he is trying to say that Bullock will only feel forgiven if it had come from Jane and since that is not going to happen, Bullock is going to have to live with it. It’s a tremendous character development for Bullock, who is shown to have true and utter remorse. I think Gordon has had a good effect on Bullock and I think that Gordon should acknowledge that.

Rating: 6.5/10