Pike and Tyler

While investigating the red angel’s signal that appeared over Kaminar, Discovery gets caught in a time anomaly. Pike can’t get over Tyler’s Klingon side and it makes him not trust Tyler which makes their relationship tempestuous when they go to investigate the time rift. Look I understand why Pike may not like Tyler, I mean he did kill a member of Discovery but does anyone else think there is something deeper? Think about the look Pike gave Tyler when they both reached for the button. Pike just doesn’t seem like a grudge-holding kind of guy, that is all I am saying. Things complicated when Pike sees his future self shooting Tyler, this being caused by the time rift. Saru then has to change mission plans when Tyler and Pike get sucked into the rift and there is a limit of how long they can stay in there considering the radiation. Although the relationship dynamics are far different, is anyone else reminded of the Lorca and Tyler flying together?

Tyler and Pike realize that they are being sucked back in time and Pike decides that they need to send a signal to Discovery, Tyler disagrees because it would burn up all their fuel but once they do it, Discovery is able to find them but they are attacked by a sentient robot (like a more advanced version of the ones from The Matrix). Turns out what Pike was actually just him saving Tyler from the Sentient robot, were we really worried? The robot seems to be stealing information about Discovery’s dealings with the Red Angel, so while Tyler tries to stop the information download, Stamets and Pike work to get them back to Discovery. Pike and Tyler are saved and whatever that robot was is destroyed in the explosion, not before it is able to hypnotize Airiam, which is not great considering how advanced she is and how integral she probably is to Discovery.

Burnham and Vulcan

Burnham decides to head to Vulcan after increasing information about the red angel makes finding her brother vital. Burnham wants to find her brother before the federation or section 31. I know Tyler said that he would make sure that nothing bad happened to Spock but I doubt that he has much control in that regard. I love the flashback scenes of Spock and Michael, they are so sweet and innocent. Amanda has been hiding Spock from everyone, she has been trying to protect him from being tried for his accused crimes. Spock looks to have lost his mind, he keeps repeating the first doctrines of logic, his mother thinks he is just trying to ground himself but Spock is now also drawing the red angel. Burnham tries to convince her mother to get Spock to a doctor because he could be driven insane by now if he was a full Vulcan. I do not know if he was being logical or he was just being emotional but Sarek, realizing just how far gone Spock is and how he is in need of help, agrees to hand Spock over to Burnham because if it is found out, by Starfleet, then she could get in trouble and it would be a double loss. I still find it weird that a human could ever fall in love with a Vulcan, because Sarek doesn’t seem to be able to be in the emotions with Amanda.

Burnham gets Spock to Captain Leiland but after a warning from Emperor Georgiou, who always seems to be working an angle, breaks Spock out and steals a ship to get away. Now Burnham is a fugitive again, it’s like she loves this life and how could she trust Georgiou? Burnham realizes that the numbers Spock is referring to if looked at backwards leads to a planetary system, so Burnham sets a course hoping that being there will help her understand what is wrong with Spock.

I think the pace of the show is finally picking up, I have been waiting for a tense and passionate episode like this. We finally have an inclination about how bad Spock has become and we get to see how a Vulcan and human marriage can have it problems, and finally we get a set-up for a spy within Discovery but this time we can put our trust in Tyler.

Rating: 7.7/10