Right from the beginning we meet a clearly skilled and intelligent fighter that is Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who is a Starforce member for the Kree Empire. She is trained by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), who is constantly trying to teach her to keep her abilities under control. Now, Yon-Rogg seems fond of Danvers and even though she has barely any memory of her past and even doesn’t know who the person is she sees when she goes to visit the Supreme Intelligence.

Now from the constant trailers and information set out in the beginning of the film, we believe the Kree are good guys who have been at war with the Skrulls who are the bad guys. After a trap is set Danvers is captured, which makes sense as this is her first mission and the way that Yon-Rogg talks to her, you think this girl can’t really handle herself just yet. Now I know that this accompanied by Brie Larson’s age and therefore sort of adds to her naivety but Danvers is able to escape the capture of the Skrull, where she crash lands on Earth. Now through some Skrull shape-shifting and fortune meeting Nick Fury, Danvers starts to gather evidence that she may actually be from Earth, of course she reports to Yon-Rogg anytime she can but Yon-Rogg is extremely eager to get Danvers back , now I thought it had something to do with him liking her, or maybe he just did not want to report his failures to Ronan the Accuser but instead he is trying to hide the secret from her.

Once we realize that the Kree are the bad guys and have been slaughtering the Skrulls for not obeying their law, Danvers begins to remember how Wendy Lawson was building something to help the Skrull get to a far way place too far for the Kree to find them. Fury, Rambeau and Danvers decide to help them and once reunited with the others of their people, Danvers tries to fight off the rest of the Kree, it is then she sheds her life as a Kree and her full powers are realized. Danvers goes with the Skrull to help them find a safe place for them to live and obviously in the current timeline has not been back since.

I think the best part of the movie is when Yon-Rogg tries to get her to fight him without losing control or using her abilities, he tries to goad her into proving she is worthy and she sends his Kree but flying because she has nothing to prove. I also love to see the ridiculous legend that started about how Fury lost his eye, even though it was just a minor scratch from an alien cat.

I think this movie delivered, I mean the visuals were not equal to that of Guardians of The Galaxy or Black Panther but it hit all the comedic marks and despite Nick Fury stealing the interesting spotlight from her sometimes, she definitely is a powerful individual. I cannot wait to see if her presence back on Earth calls Ronan the Accuser back to her because he saw her as a weapon and wanted to capture her. And I wonder if she will come face-to-face with Yon-Rogg again. That being that little Tesseract ‘plot-hole’ is one that many critics and fans have explained away, but also I think it is weird that they brought it up anyway, like it was unnecessary and when Fury asked Captain America about the Tesseract in the first Avengers movie, he could have just asked her. Then again she asked him to call her only in an ultimate emergency, then again an alien invasion is not an emergency?

Rating: 8.2/10