After some old school investigating, a picture of the donkey in Paraguay, in 1948, is found so Vic goads everyone into a road trip with the intention that this will help them find Chief. Vic has to resort to other means when his father cuts him off from S.T.A.R. Labs resources because he does not believe in the mission. The road trip itself is a great idea because it would be the first time that we get to see the whole team (besides Chief of course) work together. Of course the team stuck together in a car for weeks would lead to fighting but the team cannot even make it half way before the bus is attacked by Larry’s negative side.

After some extreme fighting because Rita won’t get out of the bathroom, one of Jane’s personalities just transports herself, Cliff and Larry to Paraguay. There they meet a guy who drops key words that make them realize that they should go to a place that makes people into metahumans (that cannot be legal) and their most famous patient being Eric Morden (Mr Nobody). After a long introductory documentary the team learn that the hospital in question is run by a former Nazi scientist, Von Fuch (we knew that) but what we didn’t know and we learn is that Chief actually shot him back in the day. The assumption here is that Chief was trying to stop Von Fuch’s from continuing on with his work. Well considering he created someone like Mr Nobody who of course is the villain, Von Fuch becomes a villain by proxy.

The team try to get information out of the employees but once Chief’s name is dropped the team gets attacked. Jane confronts Von Fuch, who by the way is not looking great and I can’t help but think that doing all of this just to stay alive cannot be worth it, I mean why doesn’t he just turn himself into a metahuman, if he is so good at it? Von Fuch goads Jane and asks poignant questions which has us questioning whether Jane is the real primary personality. I mean just because she is the one who everyone can talk to and seems the most stable does not mean that once all the other personalities are removed that she would be left standing. I am guessing her anger about him putting that thought in her head leads her to kill Von Fuch (for real I hope) and destroy the facility.

Larry in his most selfish action yet, decides to go into the metahuman machine to get rid of his other half but he is unable to leave because his negative side won’t let him. Larry’s past is an interesting one, in the beginning we are sort of left to feel bad for him because of him being gay and having to be undercover but after watching his past play out, you realize that he was the type of guy who would make promises he could not keep, and had no intention of keeping. Like he would promise his wife things would get better between them but then promise the same thing to his lover. Overall Larry is a more messed up guy than we thought and I think the only way he is going to be able to get over himself is if he realizes that.

Vic and Rita are not getting on and when the team leaves them behind, they are forced to deal with each other. At first I thought that Vic was dealing with the pressure of being the go-to leader of the group and let’s not lie his father cutting him off from S.T.A.R. Labs resources does not help but in actuality, Vic is still reeling from Mr Nobody putting the idea that he may not have been the cause of the accident that killed his mother and injured him. Even though his father eventually helps them I can’t help but wonder whether his father is hiding something because Vic clearly no longer feels ready to engage with him just yet.

All in all the team have to face some serious demons and thoughts that they have not been able to. Vic and his mother, Larry and his selfish ways, Jane and her personalities and Cliff who realizes that maybe it may not be better to contact his daughter. I think this is the show’s best episode yet as it forces us to look deeper.

Rating: 8.3/10

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