Gordon, realizing that after the chemical spill the government won’t help, tries to negotiate a sort of ceasefire between the Gotham gangs, in hopes that it would help get the city aid. Now I know that it is the logical thing to do, I mean come on eventually they are going to run out of food, water and other resources before and then they are going to be left to fight among themselves. That all seems logic, right? But this is Gotham and nothing is simple for the crazies. While making his plea, Gordon gets shot and we are quick to find out that Victor Zsasz shot him. It is unlike Zsasz to cause such trouble but we quickly find out that he is under a spell and Ivy is at the root of it all. Ivy is determined to kill Gordon probably because as long as he is around her plans for the city will never be realized, I mean Gordon has been known to defeat hypnosis, sometimes.

Ivy hypnotizes Bruce and Lucius into shutting down the river’s treatment facility and keeping the water around Gotham around polluted because she wants to rebuild Gotham with her plants. Ivy is one of the few villains in the show that disappoints me, she had so much potential but it has been wasted away on making her just a tiny bit more powerful than a tree-hugger. I don’t know what I expected but I guess maybe being her being a villain a couple of steps down from the likes of Penguin, Jerome, Nygma and Bane is where we are at. Selina is able to beat the sense into Bruce and Lucius and gets the facility up and running again. This definitely was short-sighted for Ivy, I mean of course Selina was going to interfere, Ivy should have tried to immobilize her.

While Lee tries to save Gordon, Gordon has visions while in his coma of him being on trial. I don’t know what I was expecting but something better than this, I mean on of my favorite scenes, that was in one of my favorite episodes of Gotham was the one where he had the hallucination and he ended up in the car with his father. That scene was done, that whole episode, was done so well I expected the same for this one, instead we got an episode that sort of replicated the slow paced episodes involving Jervis Tetch, back when he first starting getting involved with Gordon. It had Gordon feeling overly guilty and let’s tell the truth when it comes to Gordon and his run as a police officer in Gotham, guilt has definitely been his Achilles heel.

Gordon, of course, does not die and it seems that both him and Lee come to a realization about their future together, and end up getting married. Barbara is unhappy about this. Penguin and I both saw this because Barbara has always been mad for Gordon, I think we have forgotten because of all the Tabitha and Butch drama that she was madly in love with him first. I think she thought that this baby may reignite something between them but let’s not lie, her and Gordon were over long before she went villain and now that Gordon and Lee are married, she plans on running away with her bouncing baby, knowing that Gordon would track her down to the ends of the Earth for his child. Is Barbara set to hold her and Gordon’s baby hostage? Is that really the mother she wants to be? I think Barbara really needs to decide what she wants to be in terms of the law and to Gordon because this idea she has about basically kidnapping their child would end up bad whether it’s now or when the kid grows up and realizes what she did.

All in all not an increase in story line pace for a show that has only a few episodes left not only of it’s season but it’s series. Pick it up Gotham, you only have a few episodes left to leave us with an amazing legacy.

Rating: 6.6/10