Burnham takes Spock to Talos IV, where Spock seeks the aid of the Talosians to heal his mind. Spock is aware of them because of the USS Enterprise’s interactions with them in the past. Basically, the Talosians wanted to use Pike and Vina to repopulate their planet with human slaves but Pike and his landing party are able to escape, not before Pike begins to feel for Vina, who has to stay otherwise her health and beauty would fail. As a first time Star Trek watcher, this information about Pike makes me feel for him, we often come across Captains (Georgiou and Lorca) who are very good at keeping their emotions at bay but Pike seems like the most human or maybe we just have more information about him.

In exchange for healing Spock, Burnham must give up her childhood memory that lead to her and Spock’s tension-filled relationship. I am glad that this mystery was dragged out because giving us insight into this relationship gave us great context for how they treat each other as the show goes on, now that he is finally in the picture. We find out the Red Angel’s mind melded with Spock and showed him an apocalyptic future, one where all sentient life is dead. So now it is not just on Spock but Burnham to help avert a galactic catastrophe. Spock is back to being his old self and him and Burnham can’t help but snipe at each other, the only way siblings know how.

Vina alerts Pike about the whereabouts of Spock and Burnham, but Section 31 has been tracking them and it is then that Pike senses a traitor and of course looks at the original traitor Tyler and restricts him to his quarters. Anyone else think that Pike was too quick to punish Tyler, then Airiam did use Tyler’s codes to access the system so maybe I am looking too deeply into it. Both Discovery and Section 31 try to get Spock and Burnham and their continue tug-of-war with their teleportation might cause them to dies so Pike lets them go but it was all an illusion and Burnham and Spock arrive safely on Discovery. Discovery with Spock and Burnham and all the information about the Red Angel and the future from Spock decide to run away and become fugitives in the eyes of Starfleet.

It is unfortunate to say I was right but as much as Stamets tries to push Culber to go back to the way they used to be or a better version of who they used to be, Culber can’t help but harbor anger. I think he thought attacking Tyler, trying to provoke him to bring out Voq (which is not how it works) would help him and Saru thought so too but it didn’t and Culber encourages Stamets that maybe he needs to let go of the past. I said that Stamets’ inability to let go was going to cause issues, that being said, how does Culber expect continue onward? If nothing feels normal, what does he expect to do until things do feel normal?

Rating: 7.7/10

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