With the metahuman cure finally done, Team Flash realize that they need a willing volunteer to test it out on and after some speculation they decide on asking A.R.G.U.S. (and Lyla) if maybe King Shark, who’s real name is Shay, would like to take the cure. This is an obvious choice as I doubt that he would actually like to stay half-shark half-man forever. While they talk to him they realize that Earth-1’s Tanya, who was married to Shay, is working with A.R.G.U.S. on a device to stop King Shark from regressing completely into a shark but after being mind-controlled by Grodd, Barry forcibly gives him the cure and King Shark becomes Shay again. Team Flash are far from happy about Barry using the cure on him without his consent. What Barry did was wrong and against what they agreed on but more than that, I think Barry’s desperate attempts to make sure the cure works so they can give it to Cicada all ties back to his legacy and how he doesn’t want to be remembered badly because he was unable to stop Cicada. Shortcuts never work Barry, remember that.

Shay seems to be having some dark matter left in his body and is rapidly going from human to shark form and that scares Tanya. After talking Sherloque, her and Shay share a romantic moment. I understand why everyone thinks that this may be weird but at the same time, she has a second shot at love after losing her husband the first time (Earth-1’s Shay) but if Sherloque can marry the same woman over and over again, from different universes is it so absurd to think that you can somehow fall in love with different versions of the one you love? The romantic reunion is cut short when Team Flash realize that Grodd was using King Shark and Tanya to get a hold of her telepathy-crown, which Grodd uses to amplify his powers and transmit his message of world domination across the city. It was sad that we did not get more of him this episode but I guess they were trying to integrate King Shark more into the good guy column.

What I thought was hilarious is that Nora only knows information about THe Flash’s battles from The Flash Museum and the idea that it could actually be carrying incorrect data is hilarious because she always assumed that speedsters were immune to mind control. So The Flash and XS run into save the team using the cerebral helmets that Cisco designed, knowing they have not worked every time they have come up against Grodd. Shay makes the decision to revert back into a shark (which would be permanent, even if they tried giving him the cure. Why? I have no idea) so he can help take on Grodd because Grodd cannot control him animal form (ironic considering Grodd is an animal). King Shark, with the help, very little help, from The Flash and XS, takes Grodd down and it is an inspiring moment for Barry who realizes that everyone should have the choice of taking the cure and Cicada should also be given that choice.

I don’t know what I expect from The Flash anymore, I like their episodes but I find myself more despondent in the lack of character growth in Barry. Everyone has changed, makes better decisions and learns from their mistakes but it seems like Barry is doomed to repeat them. I especially find myself disappointed in his father-figure presence with Nora, as I saw him more like that when he was teaching Jesse and Wally how to be speedsters. Maybe he was only that way with them because of the looming death of Iris, I don’t know the reason exactly, all I know is, he is far from the man I expected him to be at this point.

Long Live The King.

Rating: 6.9/10