Occult detective Willoughby Kipling comes around looking for Chief’s help with preventing the end of the world, when he is told that Chief is missing, Kipling tries to convince the team to help him. The team are skeptical of Kipling that is until he summons a unicorn-like creature, he calls an oracle, that sings a song about the end of the world being near. Everyone but Rita, of course, are ready to help but as Victor points out Rita, unlike everyone else is not completely into the idea of helping look for Chief so why would she be interested in helping a total stranger maybe prevent the world from ending? Victor and Rita seem not to have resolved their tension and Rita gets mad at everyone, particularly Larry, when they don’t stand up for her against Victor. Rita being the most reluctant to help seems like a great thing at the moment because she doesn’t exactly have a handle on her abilities but neither does Larry but it seems like Larry realises he has no choice but to help.

After deciding to help, Kipling opens a portal to find Elliot, who got told by his father in the beginning of the episode that he was raised to bring about the end of the world, right before his mother slit his throat right in front of Elliot. Kipling then makes a play to kill Elliot because then the Cult of the Unwritten Book can’t use him to summon the Decreator, an inter-dimensional creature that will destroy the world. No offence to the team but this seems very unlike them, no offense to them but up until now they all seemed like they are the ‘taking the easy way out’ type of heroes, I guess I was wrong. Once the team make it clear that they will not kill Elliot, Kipling then sends Cliff and Jane to Spain, where they are supposed to seal the portal on the preacher’s hands but Jane seems to have a flashback to her past and gets violent with the priest, who freaks out and then Cliff and Jane are sucked into Nurnheim. Jane is slowly going from being the powerful wildcard to the uncontrollable wildcard and it needs to be addressed real soon.

Cliff and Jane come face-to-face with The High Priestess of Nurnheim, Elliot’s mother, there she forces Cliff and Jane to confront how they see each other: Jane can’t help but see all the carnage that Cliff committed in the previous episode and Cliff can’t help but see his daughter in Jane. This is not a big surprise but making Cliff feel bad for wanting to treat Jane like he would his daughter is so wrong. Jane could use the fatherly affection and Cliff needs to redeem himself. While basically torturing Jane and Cliff, The High Priestess sends guards after Elliot and even though it seems like Victor and Kipling are doing a good job of stopping them, Kipling then betrays Victor so that he can just go ahead and kill Elliot but luckily Rita is there to protect him and for the first time we see her display a sort of control over her abilities. All of Rita and Kipling’s fighting is moot as the guards grab Elliot and read from him and a Big Eye (The Decreator, I am guessing) shows up in the sky.

Now usually I am a huge hater of filler episodes on TV Shows but somehow, directing the team away from Mr Nobody this episode was one of the most entertaining filler episodes, I have ever watched. Bringing in a seasoned actor like Mark Sheppard and creating such a rich plot, really made this episode a stand-out, I hope the conclusion of this plot is just as entertaining.

Rating: 7.8/10