Mr. Nobody who is holding Chief hostage, makes a deal with him so that they can save the world because even he would not get to enjoy himself if the world is destroyed, so they come up with a plan, which they are going to need Jane for. So, Mr. Nobody travels to 1977 and uses one of Jane’s personalities, Dr. Harrison (whose power is persuasion and a doctor – absurd I know). Basically, he uses Dr. Harrison to build a Cult of the Rewritten Book, which will basically be the opposite of Elliot and oppose the Decreator. It is actually a really elegant way to implement time travel to the show because from now onward, in the episode, there is a sort of split between the present and future timeline. They didn’t make a big deal about trying to explain it to us and I like not making us feel dumb and force us to listen to the timeline explanation over again.

In the present everyone is excited to see Chief, who is walking, but he seems like a man on a mission and he gets Kipling to bring the Oracle so that they can get information about the Rewritten Book’s location but he has to wait until Dr Harrison has built up her cult properly. Once Dr Harrison has built her cult up enough, Victor, Larry, Chief and Kipling travel to find the book and are actually shocked to find the book to be on a dog. Well, what did we actually expect? Dr Harrison was building a cult in a mental institution, not all the followers and their ideas were going to be great, okay. Once one of Dr Harrison’s followers finds Jane and Cliff and helps them escape and ring the bell, Kipling is able to read the book from the dog and bring about the Recreator. The Recreator starts bringing people back and goes up against the Decreator and eventually wins. It seems almost comical when all of the Cult of the Rewritten book, see the Decreator and start partying in the street.

When everyone is reunited with Chief it is so emotional because he has affected them all in such big way and Jane is mission him the most. Chief realizes that it is time to return to Mr Nobody and finds it difficult to interact with them because he knows it will be harder to leave but Victor is extremely reluctant about letting Mr Nobody takes him so Mr Nobody freezes time and explodes Victor’s arm cannon. I am still so shocked at the thought that Victor would rather be severely injured than let his father help him but Cliff does not give him much of a choice. So they are basically, right back where they started but now Jane is told by Mr. Nobody, unbeknownst to Chief, to find Doom Patrol. This is weird thought to me because we know they are Doom Patrol, so who is he telling her to find and why?

Rating: 8.6/10

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