Admiral Cornwell secretly boards USS Discovery to interrogate Spock and we remember from the previous episode about really happened when Spock escaped the psychiatric hospital but Admiral Cornwell shows video footage of Spock murdering three doctors as he escaped. Now after speaking to Burnham and Pike about Spock, Cornwell is convinced that if the footage was faked then it must have been done by Section 31, this makes sense as Section 31 was doing everything they can to get their hands on Spock so she directs them to Section 31 headquarters. Was I surprised that Cornwell was so quick to trust them? No, because a big deal is always made about how much integrity Pike has and Burnham made the same argument last season, so she clearly understands that they wouldn’t lie.

Now Airiam is aware that something has been taking over her every so often and in the beginning of the episode it seems she is removing all her memories of her friends into external storage, only when she is on the bridge that we see that she was trying to download the Sphere’s data. Airiam suspicious of herself tries to get Tilly to stay by her side, like someone to watch over her but it doesn’t take for long. Nahn is also suspicious of Airiam the whole time and I do find comfort in the fact that not everyone trusts Airiam implicitly but then again maybe it is just that Nahn is new to Discovery. Airiam is able to get herself a position on the team that will board Sections 31’s ship but aboard they are shocked to find that the entire ship’s crew is dead, including Section 31’s leadership, who appeared alive when they attacked Discovery when they made entry into their orbit. I like that the idea of what was going on with both Section 31 and Airiam, have a sort unclear reason but it worries me that being so advanced, Starfleet never considered that Control may one day go to these lengths.

Saru then realizes that the projection of Section 31’s leadership as well as the video of Spock killing those doctors where all faked using holograms, and it slowly dawns on Discovery that they were tricked by Section 31’s Control artificial intelligence. Now with their understanding Tilly then realizes that Airiam was the one who was betraying Discovery, not Tyler, and that she plans on using the data downloaded from the Sphere, about artificial intelligence, and plug it into Control, so that it can evolve. Right then Burnham and Nahn are tasked with taking Airiam down but it proves difficult. Burnham has to make the hard choice of ejecting Airiam, into space, so that she does not complete Control’s mission and Burnham is unable to but Nahn does so before anything bad can happen. I like the human element they added to Airiam, it made it so difficult to just think of her as a machine and this made the loss even more.

Star Trek: Discovery delivers on an emotional roller-coaster of emotion this episode, where suspicion and pain are at the center but it really hit home when the director chose to show all the moments Airiam shared with her Discovery friends and her last human memory.

Rating: 7.6/10