The government has finally decided to send someone to get a inside look of how Gotham is doing before they send help and so they send General Wade but unfortunately, right in that moment when all the work that Bruce, Lucius and Gordon have done is finally going to help, General Wade, Bruce and Gordon are kidnapped by a strength-enhanced Bane (who used to be Dorrance before he was given some sort of drug named “Venom”).

Walker seems not to be focused on Gordon as we thought but more on Bruce and she reveals that she is going to keep hurting the man he sees as a father figure, Gordon, until Bruce can figure out why she is punishing him. Bruce then realizes that she must be the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Nyssa, and that she is getting revenge for her father’s murder. Now Bruce did kill Ra’s the first time but the second time even she admits was more of the fault of Babara so she sends Bane after her. Babara is of course pregnant but Bane does not seem to care at all. Its almost sad to waste such a great actor that is Shane West and a great character like Bane on just making him the immediate lackey of Nyssa al Ghul, without dragging out the cloak, dagger and shadows that Bane so loves to work in but then again, Bane was never a character meant to be intricate.

Babara has to put her escaping with Penguin and Nygma on hold because it seems she is going into labour, to make sure they do not leave her behind she steals a vital piece of the submarine before she heads to the hospital. Penguin and Nygma, while trying to retrieve the piece from her are sort of caught in the middle of Bane trying to kill Babara and even though they are able to steal the piece of the submarine back, they are still caught fighting for their lives against Bane who is adamant about getting to Babara. Lee is able to deliver Babara’s baby and narrowly escape Bane before Selina and Alfred show up. Lee and Babara flee while Selina and Alfred try to fight off Bane. Bane seems break Alfred’s back or even spine before he gets going to get to Babara. I don’t know what to say but it seems highly unlikely that Babara is going to be able to escape this guy. Selina looked devastated by Alfred’s condition and I can’t help but think about the growth of their relationship.

Babara thinks she is safe at her club but right then we see that Nyssa has had all her League of Assassins killed and knocks Lee unconscious before stalking scarily towards Babara. Anyone else thinking about how Babara is a dead woman? Also I am guessing that since the baby is a girl and that if Babara dies, they are just going to name her Babara and then she will Babara Gordon AKA Batgirl. General Wade who was left to be experimented on by Hugo Strange, is under their control and calls for a cleansing of Gotham so whether or not Penguin or Nygma got out or Nyssa kills Babara, Gotham is done for. For good this time. This show and the city are always on the brink of destruction so I guess we have the finale to see how things turn out but honestly, I am just watching the finale to put an end to Gotham not because this season has done the show justice.

Rating: 6.6/10