In 2049, Thawne and Nora meet where he warns her that she needs to get Team Flash to act quick to stop Cicada because he detects that there is anew timeline trying to push its way through and bring something really big with it. Now am I the only who has been wondering how Thawne is able to get access to all this timeline stuff? Like is it technology that is too advanced for the guards to detect or does he have certain privileges now that he is about to either get the metahuman cure or be executed? Either way Thawne looked a little worried and it was enough to light a fire under Nora.

Nora works Team Flash, trying to get them to focus on finding Cicada, while she is at it, she sparks a certain performance anxiety in Barry as she reminds him that he is the one that needs to have the right words to say to Cicada to get him to take the metahuman cure. Here is something else I have been wondering about, why it is so significant for Nora to stop Cicada? Does this one small act of stopping Cicada somehow ensure the safety of her father? Why did she go through such extreme lengths to get Cicada? Well it is through her memory that she realizes that the metahuman calling himself the Acid Master is where The Flash will have his final public confrontation with Cicada before The Flash disappears.

Joe and Cecil are working together and we get a little piece of police work when they find out who the doctor is that has been helping Dwyer and that Grace is also now a metahuman. I think that I would love the duo of Joe and Cecil more, if it was like just like in Season 1 but I am not sure that it is going to be that way. Anyway, using the information gotten from Joe and Cecil, The Flash reveals his secret identity to Dwyer to convince him father to father to get him to take the cure. The reason he uses is pretty simple: You don’t want your niece to grow up in a world where her kind are hunted down by a deranged serial killer but no one on Team Flash, including Nora (which is either a plot hole or a major hole of disappointment) seems to remember how angry Grace was about metahumans and how she agreed with what her uncle was doing.

Now, I was shocked when they gave the Dwyer the cure and nothing happened to stop it but right after another Cicada, who we now know is and adult Grace shows up and kills the doctor and runs off with Dwyer. Now this Cicada seems to be able to control those with metahuman abilities and carries to sort of daggers. Anyway Team Flash is left shocked and wondering how it is possible that they thought they put and end to one Cicada to only get stuck with another one. Well it is pretty simple: Nora did not do her do diligence on the Cicada running around in the future, did she really think that it was the same one this whole time? I mean they have the same look but they don’t have the same abilities or weapons. Plus Grace’s blonde hair is clearly sticking out of her hoodie thing.

Rating: 6.7/10

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