Everyone mourns as they finally are able to put Airiam to rest and while her systems are being wiped of the Control virus, along with all other systems on Starfleet, Tilly discovers that the bio-neural scan of the Red Angel matches Burnham. This really was not a big surprise because too many of the signals and scenarios and even the involvement of Spock, showed that all roads were leading to Burnham. Of course Burnham would feel it is her duty to travel back in time to stop this catastrophic event, I mean do you know Burnham?

Finding out about The Red Angel being Burnham, of course leads to many questions, like what is she really trying to do and why she just doesn’t come right out and say it, also how is Burnham able to time-travel? Leland reveals that her parents were working on the time-traveling suit for Section 31 and were killed due to Lelands carelessness. Burnham lashes out and punches Leland for basically being the cause of her parents death ignoring the fact that they voluntarily worked for Section 31 so that is not on him entirely. I think the biggest thing I am mad at about the whole Leland situation is the fact that he has been holding on to information about a suit that they were working on that is all about time-travel also ignoring the signs that pointed to Burnham, either he really feared the truth being revealed or he is just not smart enough to put all those pieces together.

Anyway the team realizes that they cannot continue onward without getting more information so they decide they are going to build a cage to trap the Red Angel. Now I don’t know if I am just a paranoid person but I was thinking that, wouldn’t it just be easier to ask the Red Angel questions when it shows up? Instead they are trapping it and I am not on board because I don’t know if I am just paranoid but if Control hasn’t been defeated it might try and kill the Red Angel, while it is in that cage? Burnham and Spock come up with a stupid and honestly reckless plan to have Burnham die so that the Red Angel will show up to revive her and then trap it. Spock has often lectured and scolded Burnham about her constant need to put herself in danger as a sort of way to carry all of the burden but agrees to a plan like this? Really Spock? Come on, that is your sister!

Their plan works but just as I was expecting Control gets a machine to injure Leland as he closed the wormhole behind the Red Angel so that the future Control won’t follow it. Obviously Section 31 ships did not do a good enough job of scrubbing their systems clean of Control and I think that should have been the number one priority but now Control is still kicking and they have the Red Angel trapped. Dread builds up as Burnham looks at what we all figured was her future self but she recognizes as her mother.

Rating: 7.3/10

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