Jane tries to convince the team to look into the hint that Mr Nobody gave her at the end of the previous episode: Doom Patrol. Of course everybody is skeptical about looking into something that Mr Nobody brought up but Jane is clearly desperate to find the Chief and so after some investigation she finds out about an old superhero team called the Doom Patrol, consisting of Steve Dayton (Mento), a millionaire with psychic powers, Arani, a woman with elemental control of fire and Rhea, a woman with electromagnetic abilities. Of course more secrets that the Chief has not told them, but this could lead to a bigger confrontation then the ones they have come across.

Victor is on edge with his father around and begs Cliff to keep an eye on his him when his father insists that he will have to reboot him to repair the damages that occurred to him. Cliff agrees for help with stalking his daughter’s online presence and Victor agrees, but Cliff gets into a fight with Silas about his parenting style but Victor still helps him connect with his daughter. Victor gets repaired and for a moment I thought that Victor was ready to let go of the tension but we realize that he only hugged his father to steal the USB that he connected to his computer. Victor clearly doesn’t trust his father and from this brief interaction with him, we realize that Victor obviously feels like he can’t talk to his father about his suspicions. Victor was watching the tape of the explosion that killed his mother and injured him over and over again in the Puppet Patrol episode even checking for altering of the video, like he thinks his father may be hiding the truth about the explosion. I don’t know but it would be and easy way to make sure Victor stayed in line, if Silas makes it seem like his mother wanted him to be a hero and Victor blames himself for his mother’s death.

While investigating the school, Rita is immediately distracted by Steve Dayton, who se use to date back in the day and who has also not aged since then along with the others. Rita connects with Steve and we get more insight into who she was back in the day. After Rita’s accident that caused her abilities, she tried her hardest to keep her fame but almost had to resort to sleeping with a man to get a part when she accidentally loses control and kills him. Rita is then introduced to Steve by the Chief and slowly but surely Steve helps Rita get control on her abilities and they start seeing each other, which extremely unethical but he’s not a real doctor so I guess no one thought it was such a bad idea. We even find out what haunts Rita the most, and she seems to be haunted by a woman and what appears to be her suicide, my guess Rita feels guilty about not saying anything about a sexual harasser or rapist and it caused a woman, who was one of his victims, to kill herself. Whatever it was that Rita did was so horrible that Steve broke up with her. All I know is that I am glad that this happened because Rita was getting tiresome clearly being stuck in the delusion of her old life and her interaction with Steve finally gets her to let go of the past. Finally!

When all hell breaks loose in the school, we find out that not what they are seeing about a school, about the team still being young and mentally stable is fake but everyone in the house, gets visions of nightmares of tortures due to Steve’s powers being unleashed, that is until Negative Man removes Steve’s helmet and the truth is explained. Apparently, the original Doom Patrol fought Mr Nobody and instead of the delusion that has been created where they won, they lost and Mr Nobody drove them mad. They each live in their own delusion about what their lives are like and the appearance of Rita caused Steve to lose control. What is even more disturbing is the fact that it seems that the Chief was reserving a room for Jane in that place. I mean we know that Jane can be uncontrollable sometimes but she is somewhat more functional than the previous Doom Patrol members.

It is clear that Mr Nobody lead them here to warn them about what happened to the last group of Chief’s misfits that tried to take him down and failed. The thing is that Mr Nobody just seems to be fueling them, or more Jane because he wouldn’t need to warn them unless he himself is concerned about the confrontation and honestly, I think Negative Man is the secret weapon here.

I am shocked at how wrong I thought this episode was going to be, I thought this episode was basically going to be like the old Smallville season 9 episode 11 (Absolute Justice) that basically revealed the previous group of superheros who were now either dead, imprisoned or mentally unstable and it was about them passing on their wisdom to the new group of superheros. I don’t know why I keep trying to guess what is going to come next in these episodes when all they do is surprise me, time after time. In a good way though.

Rating: 9.1/10

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