In 2049, Nora visits Thawne in a panic and is shocked to find him with no help for her, claiming that they are out of time and that the only way out of this is for her to come clean to her father. Am I the only one who thought that he could be lying? Like do I not trust the Reverse Flash that much?

Nora decides not to tell her family right away about Thawne but they are busy anyway because they realize that the Reverse Flash’s Time Sphere that they built for him back in Season 1 was used by Adult Grace to get to the present timeline. Team Flash FINALLY realize that Adult Grace must be the future Cicada and that is why she took Dwyer. Cut to Adult Grace who has taken on her uncle’s mission and complains about how in the future metahumans are still running around unchecked. Now Adult Grace talks about helping her uncle get his powers back so they can complete their mission together and I can’t help but notice how shocked Orlin is about how Grace turned out. I mean can you blame her? You weren’t exactly singing her lullabies while she lay in that coma in the hospital.

Adult Grace takes advantage of the time she is in to investigate her parents death at the hands of a metahuman, only to discover that the explosion that killed her parents was an accident and the metahuman in question is not a villain but a normal wife and mother. Obviously the fact that Vicky is keeping her powers a secret from her family resonates with Nora as she keeps a secret of her own but it is overshadowed by the fact that Nora is able to tap into the mind of Grace and sense her coming after Vicky. They are able to save her and her family but Vicky has to expose her abilities. Am I surprised that Grace was doing something so superficial with her time instead of actually trying to figure out a way to get her uncle’s powers back? No, because the Cicada plot-line was always devoid of intelligence, just filled with one emotion: anger.

Team Flash have to take on Adult Grace and I am not going to lie even though the Cicada plot-line has been boring, Adult Grace’s abilities are extreme. This woman was blocking Cisco from jumping through his own breaches, while controlling the dagger and still have fighting ability. She is definitely overpowered but nothing shocks me anymore. Adult Grace is obviously not what Dwyer wanted when he went on his rampage so he tries to reason with her but she is, at this point, to overrun by her anger, its all she’s got and she kills her uncle and escapes. Dwyer uses his dying breath to beg the Flash to save Grace from herself. It’s funny that he did that considering that Barry may have to do the same for Nora.

All of what happens makes Nora feel like she has to come clean to her father but it is almost too late as Sherloque has spent his time this episode getting into the mind of Thawne and realized that he was the one who created the time language and is therefore the other handwriting in her notebook and therefore Nora’s adviser. Barry gets mad and locks her in the pipeline. Honestly, that was rough because it was not like Nora is Thawne or Zoloman, she didn’t lie to hurt the team, in fact to the contrary, she was trying to save people so she lied but I am trying to understand why I still feel like he was a better mentor and more understanding with Wally and not Nora, I guess maybe it is just because she reminds him of his younger self (Season 1/Season 2)

I have been thinking about this a lot and what is really curious is how Thawne seems to be connected to both Nora and Adult Grace, Nora got advise from him to come back and change the timeline but who is to say that he didn’t give the same advice to Adult Grace? I mean unlike Nora she would have to use a Time machine and he knows of one that Team Flash built for him that is still in storage AKA the Time Sphere. Maybe, Thawne’s reluctance to help Nora came down to the fact that it was not her timeline that won in the end, it was Grace’s and he sort of bet on both sides and he still wins. I know that this season is about legacy and maybe they really are trying to make the Reverse Flash seem like he is finally becoming a good person but I don’t know why I am hitching my bet on him being the puppet-master of all this chaos that is occurring with both Nora and Grace.

Also, are we not going to talk about how Nora was able to tap into Grace’s mind, I mean they explained it but it really does not seem legitimate.

Rating: 6.5/10