Everyone is struggling with their personal issues, which have been interfering with their ability to constructively find the Chief.

Larry is finally starting to sort of communicate with the Negative Man and when the Negative Man forces Larry to revisit his affair with John. We know enough about Larry’s past to know that before his accident, he trouble living his double life, he had a tendency to make promises to both of his partners that he had no way of keeping but it seems like the reason that the Negative Man keeps torturing him is basically because Larry tortures himself and therefore cause torture for it too. Larry admits to his loneliness and that he regrets pushing John away after the accident especially because it seemed like John was the only who was not going to leave him.

Vic is still looking for any sign of the Chief but while he does that he finally has access to all parts of his programming and social media and finds out that his father was keeping him from it because it was a distraction. Vic admits to blaming himself for his mother’s death, we all saw the footage of how the explosion occurred and that it seemed to be Vic’s fault but he confesses that ever since his first encounter with Mr. Nobody, in Donkey Patrol, he has this nagging feeling that his father is keeping something from him about the explosion, Vic thinks that it may be more of something he did. I was surprised to find out that Vic was worried that the information he didn’t know about the explosion was that he might have don’t something more, I guess I thought since the way he was treating his father that maybe he didn’t do anything and that it actually wasn’t his fault but we see that Vic never really got on with his father and that being left alone with him may have caused tension between them to increase.

Cliff freaks out at the idea the his daughter has been calling someone else her father and during a hallucination attempts to harm him but ends up destroying things in the house. Everyone thinks Cliff is either having stroke or a breakdown, which is something that can happen to someone his age, I mean he may only be a brain but the brain is where strokes and mental breakdowns occurs in the brain. Cliff then calls a group therapy session so everyone can air out their grievances and during that time he still begins breaking down and I am not going to lie I actually starting getting worried about Cliff, as does everyone else when he and Jane start insulting each other (I don’t like that she can dish it out but can’t take it) and when Jane leaves Cliff starts hallucinating again and when he finally is unconscious we find out that he was being messed with by a rat (Admiral Whiskers) sent by Mr. Nobody to torture him after he killed the rat’s mother.

I don’t know why I thought everyone may somewhat have solved their issues this episode but it definitely left us with many questions, Mr. Nobody keeps messing with the team and sort of slowing down their progress. Anyway, I hope that Cliff doesn’t suffer after this and I wonder how Jane is eventually going to deal with her issues because she is so powerful it would be nice for her if she got some level of control. Okay it would be nice for the team if she did. It is great that Jane finally showed them the painting she did of them where it seems Vic killed them all.

Rating: 7.6/10

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