Cliff is desperate to make amends with Jane after what happened in the previous episode and so when one of Jane’s personalities actually calls to check in and invite Rita over, Rita immediately knows who that personality is and that Rita hates her the most. To be honest I like the idea that until Doom Patrol gets up to 64 episodes and Jane has a different personality in each of them, we may never get to know the depth and power of each personality. Now Karen/Jane is this perky woman who has an obsession with romantic movies and uses her abilities to get a man and his family to love her, only it seems that Jane is in more danger than it seems because the longer Karen is in control, the harder it gets for the other personalities to get control back. Rita tries to step in but then Karen/Jane uses her abilities on her when she can’t use it on Cliff (him being a robot with no actual eyes and all) she loses it and is left catatonic as it seems Jane is dragged into the underground. Jane is very unstable and always has been but it seems like she is floating away more and more because the only person who seemed like he could tether her, the Chief, is missing. I think that all of this time away from the Chief is going to force Jane to come up with her own coping mechanisms.

Larry and Vic follow a lead, or more of a cake, that leads them to Danny Street, which is a sentient, genderqueer, teleporting street that is a home to people of the world who feel unwelcome everywhere else, for one reason or another. The street is looking for the Chief because it is in need of help. This is where someone like me thinks about how something like Danny Street, so advanced and powerful could need help from the Chief well it turns out that Danny is being hunted by the Bureau of Normalcy. The Bureau Agent Darren Jones is more motivated than ever to get his hands on Danny because he thinks that it took his partner from him, meanwhile his partner is having a great time because she (who used to be a he) is finally getting to be who she wants to be because of Danny. Vic vows to stay and help but Larry chooses not to. I think that the way that introducing Danny Street was incredible, Danny is sort of all around them and Danny seems like such a nice understanding being. This is obviously unusual things to be saying about a street but Danny feeds off of the joy of its residence but it is not like he is forcing anyone to be there in fact this is the first occurrence of an ally meeting for members of the team instead of another dead end or villain.

Larry is reluctant to help but that is because we finally get more and more insight into what happened to him after his accident. See Larry was taken by the Department of Defense (or the Bureau of Normalcy) where they were hoping to use him as a weapon. Larry is one of the few characters on the show, where the progress of his story has sort of been stunted but I like that we get that for Larry, the reason why he is who he is now is not just that the accident that happened to him but a bunch of stuff afterwards as well. Also, we know that when Larry was with Mento back in the Doom Patrol Patrol episode, his biggest fear seemed to be having to go back to the Bureau. Larry it seems eventually gets to a sort of realization and chooses to take part in the confrontation with the Bureau. It is a big moment for Larry, not as big as the moment he got on stage and performed but that was just a dream in his head but finally we get to see Larry be the one, not the negative man, to stand up for something.

This episode was filled with what can only be described as some of Doom Patrol’s amazing performances and I am not just talking about Matt Bomer, there is also Karen/Jane or Diane Guerrero. The absurdity of a street like Danny somehow fits the show’s growing vibe and brought joy back after an incredibly emotional episode as the one before. Danny doesn’t force any of it’s residents to be anything other than who they are and I can’t help but feel that Rita and Jane could have used a dose of this atmosphere.

Rating: 8.5/10