From the previous episode we know that the Red Angel was not in fact Michael but her mother, even though mothers and daughters anatomically share many characteristics I don’t know how Michael would be completely confused for her mother. We get a look into the time the Burnham’s laboratory was attacked by Klingons all those years ago. Michael’s father is definitely dead but her mother put on the time travel suit intending to go back only an hour to warn them of the attack, she instead went 950 years in the future where all sentient life had been destroyed by Control. Tethering herself to a nearby planet, Dr. Burnham made over 840 attempts to change the future. I can’t help but notice the fact that she put this burden all on herself and feeling like everything is on her is something she passed down to her daughter and hear we were thinking that for Michael it only started after her parents died.

Dr. Burnham realized that Control needed the Sphere’s data so she put Discovery in it’s path in hopes that after the Sphere was destroyed Discovery would delete all the data from the Sphere therefore stopping Control from ever having access to it. Pike is initially reluctant but as Discovery makes an attempt to delete the data, they realize that they can’t because the data won’t allow itself to be deleted. Considering the data seems to be kind of sentient enough to protect itself, I don’t know why they try and communicate the dire circumstances of deleting it’s artificial intelligence data to it, I guess that sounds ridiculous. Discovery makes another plan to purge itself of the data into the time suit in hopes that once it is eventually pulled back into the future and Dr. Burnham is safe in the present, that Control won’t be able to get it. Dr. Burnham confesses that she has nothing to do with the signals that have appeared and that is confusing because the Red Angel seemed to appear at those points, the idea that it could actually be control makes it scary because they are more than half way though all 7 signals and it could all be a trap.

Control takes over the form of Leland and convinces Tyler that Discovery should not get rid of the data before they can get their hands on it, so Tyler plants a device with the intention of doing so, when Tyler tells Georgiou, they decide to confront Leland, in the scuffle, Tyler is injured. I am starting to get the idea that Tyler has integrity and that he often disagrees with Leland but I think because of his Klingon side he feels he needs to overcompensate by following orders he may not agree with. Tyler decides to confront the Control-possessed Leland and gets gravely injured, luckily he is still able to get a word out to Discovery about Control possessing Leland. Georgiou then stops the download and tries to stop Control possessed Leland before he continues the download and while he is attacking Dr. Burnham.

Unfortunately, realizing that Control/Leland is on their trail Discovery has to cut their transmission to Dr. Burnham’s suit short and has to send her back to the future, where she may never be able to get back and I am surprised that she could not have been more help but I wonder if maybe Dr. Burnham will be able to survive in the future without her suit. I obviously feel bad for Burnham because she seems to have finally gotten her mom back and the scene where her mom is dragged back into the wormhole reminds me how instantly heart-wrenching things are going to be for Discovery from now onward. Especially now that Control/Leland escaped. How do you kill something that is so advanced and wants access to data that doesn’t want to be deleted.

Rating: 7.7/10

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