A new signal, the fifth total, appears over Boreth, which is a place sacred to the Klingons, where a monastery is located and where monks guard time crystals. If the name Boreth sounds familiar then you would remember back in the episode Point of Light, L’Rell and Tyler had faked his death and left their son with the monks on Boreth for his safety. L’Rell and Tyler argue over who should be able to beam down to Boreth to obtain a time crystal but eventually it is decided that maybe it is better if Pike goes, especially considering that Tyler is supposed to be dead and L’Rell is constantly being watched by her Klingon counterparts.

I am not going to lie, I thought the pace of the episode was decreasing and usually whenever Pike is involved with anything, it is interesting but once we learn that the monk that is guiding him is none other than the grown son of Tyler and L’Rell, named Tenavik, everything surrounding this missions begins to intensify. Tenavik explains that time in the monastery works different and that if Pike chooses to take a crystal, he will be shown a future and that when he takes it, that future will solidify and there will be no way of changing it. Most people who have watched the Star Trek movies know that Pike dies in the future but being presented with that future so dramatically, causes Pike to recoil in fear. I think that superb acting was done here by Anson Mount and when Pike chooses to take the crystal anyway despite knowing he won’t be able to do anything about his future, shows you once and for all just how much integrity he has and deserves from all of us. Pike gets back to Discovery and tells L’Rell and Tyler about their son, he seems a bit more calmer than when he was on Boreth but maybe he has just accepted his fate.

Burnham and Spock investigate a Section 31 ship that had checked in only 10 minutes late. Everyone knows that Burnham might be on edge because of the events of the previous episode so it is of no surprise that Spock tagged along, I mean the man is a pillar of logic right? Someone to basically balance her out. When they arrive where the Section 31 ship is they find all of its crew members dead and their bodies are floating in space, except Kamran Grant, who served on the USS Shenzhou with Burnham, they are able to revive him and get a retelling of what happened to everyone on board. Burnham and Spock are interested in boarding the ship to investigate further only to find out that Control is actually in Grant and this was all trap to get a hold of Burnham as she is the perfect person to get a hold of the Sphere’s data. To be honest, I was surprised that besides Leland and Airiam, Control had not attempted to gain access to anyone else close to Discovery, I mean it would just be perfect if they did because we all know how emotional humans are it would be hard for them to get rid of that crew member. Spock is able to stop Control and him and Burnham escape.

I guess Control figured that it was tired of doing things the hard sneaky way and is just going to attempt an all out attack because as soon as Spock and Burnham arrive back on Discovery, Section 31 ships are not far behind and this time it is their whole fleet. Realizing that they have no way of protecting themselves, especially because continuously jumping with the Spore drive is not an option (Remember what happened last time they made too many jumps), Burnham suggests that the only way is for them to evacuate Discovery and then destroy the ship so that Control can never get access to the data. It is a decision that is met with complete shock but realizing the logic, Pike makes a plan to evacuate every one to the Enterprise and initiate the self-destruct sequence on Discovery.

It is funny to me that Discovery could no longer exist but at the same time, I think this solution is something they should have considered a long time ago, especially when they found out that the data won’t allow itself to be deleted. I am sad to see the way Pike goes out but of course, him and Spock need to get back to their actual ship, the Enterprise. I know I am just an optimist but considering that there are alternate realities and time travel is is so wrong for me to hope that maybe Pike’s future can be changed? Or that maybe we can still get a version of him on the show?

Rating: 7.5/10