Its a rush to get all the Discovery crew evacuated and while this is happening Burnham touches the time crystal and sees the future where Control/Leland boards Discovery and kills the whole crew, obviously getting access to the data after that. When all the crew have been evacuated, the self-destruct is initiated but fails and when the Enterprise fires torpedoes at it, the shields of Discovery go up. The look Pike and Burnham share when she tells him that trying to shoot down Discovery is not going to work, makes it clear how deep the future shown by the crystal effects you. At this point the Sphere’s data is using Discovery’s systems to protect itself and Burnham then suggests that, using the time crystal and minor adjustments to her mother’s suit to lead the ship into the future with Discovery and obviously the Sphere data with it. Pike agrees and resumes control of the Enterprise to help keep Control busy as Discovery work on this plan. I am surprised that no one thought about the fact that since the Sphere’s data was sentient that it would even protect Discovery and itself. Honestly, this data is starting to annoy me.

A new signal, the sixth overall, appears leading Discovery and the Enterprise to the planet Xahea, which is ruled by Tilly’s friend Queen Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po, who is a brilliant engineer and assist Stamets, Tilly and Reno in preparing the suit and time crystal for the journey. It is like a breath of fresh air to have Queen Po on board because she resembles Tilly in so many ways, that it brings such a nice light kind of attitude in this tension filled episode. Some of the Discovery’s crew choose to stay with Burnham, as does Georgiou, while Saru is made acting captain. When the Section 31 fleet arrives, Discovery and Enterprise prepare for battle while the suit and time are being finalized. It was amazing to see Pike get back in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise and it was amazing to get a little bot of a snippet into what Anson Mount could bring as a captain but this time of his own ship, the Enterprise. A thought popped into my head that if Saru is made acting captain before Discovery leaves into the future, what is stopping him from being the actual captain? Why don’t they just finally make him captain already?

Tyler disappeared for a while there and I guess he went to go get the cavalry, in the form of a Klingon fleet Siranna, also arrives with Kelpians in Ba’ul fighters after receiving a farewell message from Saru. I loved this because it seemed like not just Starfleet defending the wall life but life saving itself. A Section 31 torpedo penetrates the Enterprise without detonating, but a secondary detonation kills Cornwell after she seals off the surrounding area. I was surprised that Pike actually left her there, I mean I know that he knew that his destiny meant he did not end up there but it still one of the only moments that he falters in his resolve.

Georgiou is able to defeat Control/Leland in the spore cube, using magnetism. I am surprised that no one thought of this but also because Georgiou and not Tyler is going with Burnham to the future, I don’t know what this means for her spin-off that apparently was in the works. Spock and Burnham struggle to get the suit to put in future navigation until Spock suggests that she go back in time and be the Red Angel that was setting the signals allowing the suit to re-calibrate. Basically, it seems that Burnham set the signals to places that had elements that they were going to need to take down Control, including finding Reno, Terralysium, Boreth, and Kaminar and even Xahea, therefore allowing them to have a fighting chance in the battle against Control. Once Burnham gets back from setting the signals she is able to lead Discovery into the future and promises to set a seventh and final signal when they have arrived safely. I don’t think anyone can watch the scene where Discovery heads into the future with no tears in their eyes, as most of the friends and crew as well as others like Tyler and Pike and Spock watch their friends, their family just be gone like that.

There is some bittersweet moments at the end as wee see Spock finally shave the beard and Tyler becomes head of Section 31. We also realize why it seems Discovery was never talked about in other franchises, because Spock recommended that it would stop another situation like Control ever happening again. the Enterprise then see a new signal in the sky, the seventh and final one, depicting that Discovery arrived. The only problem with his conclusion, for me, is that there was no need to make it seem like all the members of Discovery were dead. I thought that they could just explain events because it is not like Discovery is not going to pop up on the other side of this timeline, showing that what they all said was lies anyway.

I guess the only thing I wonder is if the people on board Discovery are going to try and get back to their timeline or we are going to get a peak into the future of the Star Trek universe. I think that it is an interesting thought that they would now be in the future because now it seems like the show gets to set it’s own plot line, without being restricted by what is already out there.

Rating: 8.0/10