When the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered it brought with it so much darkness, layered in with so much emotion and laughter that the idea that it could only get better was absurd and yet, Part 2 of the show delivered on many accounts, yet not all of what we wanted.

The Good:

Bringing down the Patriarchy: The show immediately makes it clear that it’s characters will not stand for all of the patriarchy that has been existing in the mortal and witch world. Sabrina runs for Top Boy of the Academy and goes up against all of the sexist traditions that come along with being the first woman to do something. Susie becomes Theo and finally accepting himself, of course, draws bullies that already had their sights on him but he takes it and eventually gets to be one of Sabrina’s most loyal friends.

Less mortal more witch: The main complaint many people, including me at times, was that we did not get to see Sabrina immersed in the witch world enough. It was a nice change of pace to see Sabrina engaging in many of the Church of Night’s activities.

Nick the ally: Nick was definitely was a character who we thought was just going to be a distraction from all the Harvey mess but instead we get a character who likes and believes in Sabrina so much he goes along with her crazy plans and helps in anyway he can. Nick is definitely the ultimate ride-or-die, I don’t care about whatever the Dark Lord says.

The Dark Lord himself: I don’t know of any show that has the internet lusting after Satan more than the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it is not just that he is a good looking guy but also because he has this confidence that is completely unmatched, I mean even though he completely looked like a goat monster he was able to get Lilith to clean his feet.

The Bad:

Weird Sisters: Many people, like me, complained about how the Weird Sisters were underutilized in Part 1 and when Part 2 started and it seemed like we were going to be getting more of them I was ecstatic but instead they were pushed to the background, I think that they needed to be as important as let’s just say Ambrose or even the Mortals are.

Harvey Kinkle: I always praised the way Harvey was able to bring the heart to the show but ever since he switch to being with Roz, I found myself hating on him a bit because it was like even though he and Sabrina had just broken up, he was so quick to abandon her. There was that bit towards the end there were people started to think that maybe he might still have feelings for Sabrina and with that thought I guess I you can reason his behavior as he was just angry at Sabrina and Roz was angry at witches so it was like an instant connection.

Mortal Sabrina: Nothing makes me more angry than when Sabrina promises people she wouldn’t do anything and then turns around and does it. No one gets angry at her for those things for long but I think that many of her problems are her own fault and wouldn’t have happened if she for example listened to Nick and didn’t do anything drastic about her witch side.

Stand-out Episodes:

Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia

Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries

Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz

Rating: 8.0/10