The episode picks up immediately as we see Karen being dragged in The Underground by none other than Hammerhead. There Karen is confronted by the many of Jane’s other personalities. The personalities all confront Jane as well, telling her to return to the surface. The reason why Jane is currently catatonic is because Jane is a primary personality but since she refused to up. Jane has been struggling lately, dealing with a lot, and her reluctance to return to the surface is understandable so in a desperate act Jane, with the help of Driver 8, stays in The Underground, determined to find out what is wrong with her. I think finding out that the Chief wanted to put her in the same institution that the previous Doom Patrol is currently residing in, made her lose hope in the possibility of her ever getting better or to at least a sort of normal.

The team struggle with how to help Jane so the Negative Man comes out and connects Cliff to Jane and allowing Cliff’s consciousness into The Underground. Cliff seems excited to be human again and draws attention to himself where he is subdued by two of Jane’s aggressive personalities and locked in a cell next to Karen. Karen is let go after warning Cliff about chasing after Jane. Cliff, lead by Penny Farthing, go through Jane’s memories and even after Jane tells Cliff to leave her alone, he continues. When Cliff also reaches his own revelation, when trying to help Jane, that he is no longer a man, it’s sort of a nice thought that Cliff is a better person now that he is a robot. It is a great way of reminding us that it’s not the body that makes you a person but who you are. I like that Jane leads Cliff to this realization because they are both so broken yet they help each other.

Cliff and Jane face her biggest, or Kay’s biggest fear, her abusive father, who appears as a giant puzzle-piece monster. After the monster attacks Cliff, Jane is finally able to stand up to him, ultimately destroying him. She and Cliff leave the Underground, where she wakes up in Doom Manor. Don’t get me wrong, when Jane confronts her monster, I was so overrun with emotion I could barely speak but I love how they didn’t make that end part about her breaking down, I also loved how they didn’t magically fix her. Jane still has her issues, my only hope is that this confrontation with her father helped her get to a point where she will no longer be afraid of digging deeper into her own issues.

There is so much to unpack with Jane but ultimately it seems that the original personality is Kay, who was abused by her father and she sort would go into her happy place (the lake front in her puzzle) whenever he would call on her. Kay sort of created these personalities to sort of be her strength in dealing with her issues, now how she got powers from all of them is unknown but each of them seem to care about making sure the host’s body (Kay’s body) is still functioning. Jane was not the only personality who went looking for deeper meaning but the other personality seems to have lost it completely, or died. I wonder where the original personality is, like is Kay stuck in that young girl memory, forever? I mean if Kay invented personalities to help her deal with stressful situations than she would not need to evolve passed her young self, it seems like Kay is still stuck in that room.

This episode may downright be the best episode of a superhero TV Show I have ever watched. I know I say this a lot with this show but there is so much genuine heart and talent that goes into making this that it bleeds off the screen, I mean between the extremely talented cast, the amazing creativity and superb writing Doom Patrol is actually better than Titans. Doom Patrol does what Titans should have, which is grow the characters it has instead of trying to dazzle us with popular DC characters.

Rating: 9.3/10

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