Eager to find out about why Nora deceived them, Team Flash read Nora’s journal and learn a little bit about her and the events that lead her to Thawne. Nora, who is a lot like her father before he got his speed, was working as a forensic scientist. After investigating what could only be a speedster, Nora gets hit by Godspeed’s lightning and her powers are awoken. Now, I know that this was supposed to draw many comparisons to Barry when he became a speedster but instead of focusing on the story or giving Nora a rich background, they instead focused on making as many references to her father as possible. There are references to her strained relationship with her mother but just like Barry is more than excited to be a speedster and take down her first villain, Godspeed.

Now when Nora starts using her abilities, I could not help but think about all the speedsters we know and how none of them were around after The Flash disappeared and no one seems to be dwelling on that part of the future. Where did Wally go? Why is he no longer a speedster and why is he not more involved in his niece’s life? I have been thinking about how we were told in the beginning of the season about how Wally was going to be in at least 3 episodes this season and if you include the 100th episode which mostly involved flashbacks, Wally is owed one more episode this season.

Anyway, getting back to the story, Nora’s friend, Lia, is killed by Godspeed and so in a moment of desperation, Nora goes to the most formidable speedster villain to help her catch Godspeed. Now this is simple enough right? Except Godspeed is supposed to be this speedster that is ultimate so even though Nora had Thawne in her ear I don’t think that it should have been possible for her to have defeated him. In fact, if she hadn’t and felt like she wanted to use Cicada’s dagger on Godspeed maybe coming back to the past for Team Flash’s help would have been a better story. Anyway, nothing was more disappointing than that story-line, my only hope would be that Nora’s interfering would cause a new Godspeed story-line to emerge in the future.

Thawne is a weird one this episode, clearly he is about to be either executed or given the metahuman cure for his crimes and yet they are torturing him as well. I don’t understand how bad things must have gotten in the future or how badly Thawne must have messed up the city for them to condone such a thing. Thawne clearly, being aware of Nora’s lineage directs her to his Time Vault in S.T.A.R Labs (The Flash Museum) where she finds out that her father was The Flash. When Nora confronts her mother, I don’t know what I was expecting for Iris to say to defend herself for putting the chip in Nora or not telling her about Barry being The Flash until she was well into adulthood but the way Iris was so calm, made me think that maybe she was going hit Nora with some facts. I thought for a moment that maybe we would get a peak into what Iris was thinking back then, I mean the only reason I can think of for Iris putting the power dampener in Nora is that maybe when she was pregnant complications arose, causing them to put the chip Nora to make sure the pregnancy went smoothly and then they thought they would take it out when she was old enough but then when Barry disappeared, Iris just left it. Obviously worried about her daughter playing vigilante. Again where is Wally in all of this? On Earth-2 with Jessie? Cause that is the only reason I could think of for him not being around.

Iris seems ready to forgive Nora but Barry, being unable to trust her and her decisions, sends her back to the future and warning not to travel back in time again because he will know. Now I knew he messed up when he did this because there is no parent on this planet that would be okay if the other parent made a big decision regarding their child and not consulting them about it. I understand the Thawne part of all this, but at the same time, Barry is supposed to be all forgiving, I mean he created Flashpoint and has been the LITERAL cause for Killer Frost and Savitar. I mean Thawne has always been a sore point for him but I thought he got that chip off his shoulder, or has he just given up trying?

Rating: 6.0/10

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