Back in 1913 when the Chief was working for The Bureau of Oddities (now known as the Bureau of Normalcy) he was sent into the woods to investigate a strange creature, his partner, Alistair, is supposedly killed by wolves and the Chief is injured while trying to flee and is rescued by a primitive woman, Slava. Finding out that the Chief actually worked for the Bureau at one time makes sense as to how he probably found Larry back when he was in their custody. After spending time with Slava, finding out she is immortal and controls the creature that the Bureau was looking for, the Chief, oddly but not oddly enough considering this show, falls in love with Slava. Honestly whenever I think this show could surprise me, they make Timothy Dalton make love to a primitive woman, its absurd and I love it.

At this point the Chief spends many years with his love when one day his old partner Alistair shows up alive and tells him that not only has the Bureau changed its name but its new mission is to destroy anything they perceive as odd, like Slava. This is not news to us because we know what the Bureau had become, my only thought is what spurred the change in mission, was it Alistair or did something else that was big happen while the Chief was nesting with Slava? The Chief then kills Alistair, for real this time, and returns to the Bureau claiming that Slava does not exist, I wonder when they stopped believing him.

The Chief protecting Slava like that is not unlike him but what does shock me is when Mr Nobody gives him the chance to either save the Team from The Beard Hunter that has now infiltrated Doom Manor in search of The Chief, at the request of the Bureau, or give up the location of Slava and the Chief does not even question that he would rather protect Slava. Is it because he loves her? Is it because he thinks the team can take better care of themselves? Because Slava is immortal for a reason.

I don’t what The Chief’s reasoning was but considering that no amount of hair that The Beard Hunter consumes of The Chief will be able to locate him to the void prison that Mr Nobody is holding him in, I am not worried about that but when Vic tries to fight the Beard Hunter, he loses control over Grid, his operating system, and almost blows the rest of the team (excluding Rita) up. I am starting to get really worried about Vic and really about the fact that his operating systems seems to be taking control of him, I mean, was that his father’s intention? Surely not.

Once the Beard Hunter leaves Doom Manor I thought he might have actually found the Chief with Mr Nobody but instead he found an effigy of the Chief and the creature that Slava controls appears and attacks him. I don’t know maybe this guy could have survived it, in this show stranger things have happened.

Rating: 8.1/10

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