Basically all hell has broken loose in Gotham but that is something that happens every season in this city. After the city was bombed in the previous episode refuges are forced to retreat to the GCPD whilst Bane takes command of the military, there is hesitance because the soldiers do not want to kill civilians but Bane displays what he is capable of if the soldiers do not choose to stand with him and they make their way to the GCPD where the remaining refugees are. Bane is basically like an errand boy and even though he is always like that in the comics I can’t help but feel disappointed in the way they set him up to be physical but not all that menacing.

After Selina saves Lee, she and Bruce head to Wayne Enterprises to use the last of Jeremiah’s bombs to blow it up. You can see how hesitant about blowing Wayne Enterprises and even for a moment I thought that Bruce may not go through with it but after what happened to Wayne Manor maybe Bruce is finally ready to let go of all symbols of his parents. It’s funny that I look at this version of Bruce Wayne and see that maybe he is ready to move on because I am not surprised that he left Gotham once all of the fight was over, I mean all symbols of his life before his parents’ death have all been destroyed, I am just sad that he didn’t stay with Selina to try and go along a path without his family symbols there for a while but I guess they had to rush him and his Batman origin story so it somewhat fell into place.

Gordon rescues not only his daughter but Barbara as well, though Nyssa kills General Wade and escapes in the submarine that Penguin and Nygma intended on using themselves. Gordon and the rest of the GCPD are ready to make a stand against the military as a way to buy time for the rest of the refugees to make it out of Gotham but eventually all of the refugees join the GCPD as a stand against the military and then they turn the tables on Bane and his crew who are then forced to surrender. It is a nice moment to see as for the first time even in the beginning of the episode when Penguin and Nygma come to the city’s rescue, that it is not just Gordon or the GCPD but everyone taking a stand to save Gotham.

When all is said and done Gordon finally becomes Police Commissioner, Penguin and Nygma have regrets about staying in Gotham after their submarine and money where stolen by Nyssa, but they plot to take over the city although the idea that these two still can’t kill each other after all they have been through together is kind of heartwarming. I also guessed what they were going to do with Gordon’s daughter, naming her Barbara Lee Gordon, I guess people’s thoughts about him eventually marrying Barbara can now be laid to rest.

Rating: 6.9/10