Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Barry returns from the future without Nora and this causes conflict between him and Iris. This was no big surprise, when one parent makes huge decisions about their child without consulting the other parent, it usually leads to conflict. Am I the only one who thinks that Barry was huge overreacting here? Like I get it but putting her in the pipeline was enough. Barry is hurt by the fact that Iris does not seem to mind that Nora was working with Thawne (because he killed Barry’s mother) but I can’t help but be on Iris’ side because Barry really should be over that by now. He was willing to let the Reverse Flash go in Season 2 but unwilling to listen to his daughter’s side of the story? He needs to evolve it’s been long enough.

Iris makes her own parental decision obviously wanting to see Nora again and wanting her to come back to the past with her. Ralph tags along and unfortunately they find Nora with Thawne. Nora is so hurt by her father and desperate to go back to the past (her father does not want to see her so I don’t understand why) so she asks Thanwe’s help on traveling to the past without Barry being able to tell and that is when Thawne tells her about the Negative Speed Force and about how it is all about digging into the horrible emotions she is feeling. It doesn’t work the first time she tries but after Nora realizes that Iris traveled alone because Barry is still mad at her she is able to tap into the Negative speedforce, Thawne looks to regret teaching her to do so and warns Iris, although Ralph gives him the side-eye of suspicion. It makes sense that Thawne was not using the actual speedforce because now we understand why he keeps popping up all over the place despite what Eddie did to stop him.

Icicle returns and kidnaps Caitlin and her mother so that he can use the cryo-atomizer and destroy their human sides. Icicle first tries to convert Carla and although it seems like his plan to turn her into a metahuman did not work, it seems like it just took a while. The fight scene between Icicle and Killer Frost was long overdue and sadly quickly resolved when Thomas Snow fights his way through to make sure his other half does not kill Caitlin. The reuniting of the Snow family is unfortunately cut short when Grace Cicada shows up and kills him so that she can get the cryo-atomizer. In that moment you can see how Barry is affected and he goes to apologize to Iris because he realizes how important family is. It didn’t seem like Barry was the one who would ever forget that considering he was the one who’s family got torn apart.

Basically this episode served as a way for Barry to get over his anger towards Nora but it is also a good look at how much family can hurt and change you when we see Nora show up in the past, having used the Negative speedforce to travel, spelling danger for the West Family especially cause we don’t know what she wants in the past.

Rating: 7.1/10