It’s been 10 years since Bruce left Gotham and even though we don’t get a look at the adult Bruce Wayne the same way get a look a look at an adult Selina but his presence is felt as he goes around Gotham putting out fires and helping the GCPD.

Gordon plans on retiring after the reopening of Wayne Tower when Nygma escapes from Arkham after being there for a decade, this obviously doesn’t seem like a coincidence when you consider that Cobblepot just got released from Blackgate and him and Nygma were always close friends. Nygma also thinking that Cobblepot is pulling the strings follows the plan laid out for him including kidnapping Mayor James and plotting to blow up Wayne Tower on the day of it’s reopening. Cobblepot, who was planning on killing Gordon, unintentionally, informs him that he never had planned any of it. Cobblepot seemed to have gained weight while he was Blackgate and he looks so funny, comic book accurate but hilarious even with his monocle.

Gordon knows that Bullock did not do what he is accused of but it is not until he confronts Bullock does he realize that Jeremiah has been faking being catatonic. Jeremiah, finally being exposed, kidnaps Barbara Lee and injures Barbara at the same time but luckily Batman is there to save her and when Selina, Alfred, Lucius and Gordon help stop Wayne Tower from blowing up. I wonder how long Jeremiah was planning on being catatonic for, I mean, we know the reason he came out of it was because Bruce was finally coming back but I wonder why he went after Gordon’s daughter, maybe he knew that Bruce would show himself at that moment, maybe he was counting on it to finally see what his opponent would finally be like, after all this time.

Nygma and Cobblepot definitely held the comedic tones in this finale as both of them were the butt of many jokes, first with Cobblepot’s weight, then with Nygma being the patsy again or them being caught and strung up by Batman or even being afraid when they see Batman flying around Gotham. There was a lot of indications of Batman Begins with many welcomed differences: Selina and Bruce relationship and Gordon already being the Police Commissioner at that point. I am slightly disappointed that they didn’t try and make this finale into a two-part because I think even though we loved David Mazouz getting to see him pretend to be the Billionaire Brat as an adult would have been the cherry on top but alas maybe Titans will do it.

Rating: 7.0/10