Unbeknownst to everyone Nora is back in the past and recruiting Brie Larvan (Bug-Eyed Bandit – a name she is not fond of), Peter Merkel (Rag Doll) and Joss Jackam (Weather Witch) into helping her pull of stealing technology from McCulloch Technologies. Joss doesn’t trust despite their history, with Joss having saved Nora from Silver Ghost, because of her being XS (a hero) and her relationship with The Flash. If this seems really out of the blue for you then you are not alone, Nora obviously needed them for a plan but why all of them? Nora seems to be working towards something but it seems almost trivial and comical that she would use these people to get it, she is from the future, she couldn’t have come up with better helpers?

Nora steals Spencer Young’s phone from S.T.A.R Labs but not before coming face-to-face with her father, Barry, who is concerned for her especially when he notices she is communicating with someone. Barry still seems like he doesn’t trust Nora, which causes her to get angry at him and Barry sees her eyes go red and her lightning to go red as well, confirming their earlier theory that Nora is using the Negative speedforce now. First, I was not expecting for a confrontation so underwhelming with Barry and Nora, considering this is the first time they are seeing each other since he abandoned her in the future (which is also extremely dramatic because she was going to have to return at some point) but I was expecting an epic battle between them, something that would have rivaled his confrontation with Zoom or Savitar at least.

After Cisco and accidentally Sherloque are kidnapped by the team (The Rogue’s Cover Band AKA The Young Rogues), Nora tries to make it seem like she would kill Cisco if he does not hack into Spencer Young’s phone so the Young Rogues can break into McCulloch Technologies and steal a weapon made from the satellite shrapnel, like Spencer Young’ phone. I am guessing that they were trying to get Nora to be all villainous but if they were trying to do that then tone is everything, they should have used Reverse Flash’s theme every time she appeared and made her do something bad like break her dad’s legs or knock Sherloque out to make it clear that she was not playing. It is not like Team Flash would not have forgiven her, they forgave Killer Frost, didn’t they?

When Nora is affected by power dampeners in the building the rest of The Young Rogues use this as an opportunity to betray her and use her as a way to get The Flash to come down there and reveal his identity, also very short sighted guys. The Young Rogues are of course taken down and Nora reveals her and Thawne’s plan to use the mirror gun taken from McCulloch Technologies to destroy Cicada’s dagger, she did not tell her dad about this plan before because he was afraid he would not believe her but even Barry thinks that using the gun, after seeing what it can do, is a good plan. No sooner is the West-Allen family back together and happy do they realize that Cicada has made a lethal version of the metahuman cure. Now this seems extremely crazy to me, does Grace Cicada not think that she is a metahuman as well? Does Grace think she will be immune to this poison?

At the end of the day it seems that Grace Cicada is not okay mentally because she wants to use a lethal poison on metahumans even though her and her younger self are metahumans and she keeps seeing hallucinations of her uncle who she killed. It’s all really down to mental instability with this girl, not scary but weird. Another thing that was annoying me this whole episode is why it took Nora so long to go after this mirror gun in the first place, like what was she waiting for? Clearly, after their first attempt at trying to neutralize the dagger didn’t work, she went back to Thawne and they came up with another one but why not mention it before? Also is no one going to bring up the fact that, unlike OG Cicada, Grace Cicada does not need the dagger? Does no one remember the ending to the Failure is an Orphan episode?

Rating: 6.2/10