Cliff, accompanied by Rita, goes to Bump’s memorial service hoping to reconnect with his daughter who was raised by Bump. During the Jane Patrol episode we saw Cliff come to the conclusion that he is a better person now that he is a robot and I think that this spurred his decision to act now but at the service Cliff finds it difficult to talk to Clara especially after she talks about how important Bump had been to her growing up the way she did. Cliff becomes determined on finding the watch that Clara gave Bump and goes looking for Frances, the massive alligator that killed him. Cliff is clearly trying to use this watch as a way to establish a relationship with his daughter, makes sense considering the watch was a re-gift as it belonged to Cliff first, but AGAIN Cliff chickens out when given the opportunity to talk to her after returning the watch. Is it just pride Cliff? Or maybe he is just embarrassed or ashamed about the way he is living now.

Larry has been enjoying the dreamscape with John for a while now and when conflict erupts between them the negative spirit tries to get Larry to reconcile with an aged John in real life. John told Larry in the dreamscape that they did not have much time and that was the understatement of the year as John finally passes after him and Larry reconnect. Larry thanks the spirit for giving him the push he needed and when Larry walks away I think they were trying to emphasize how much lighter he probably feels now.

Vic is still in a constant state of worry over his lack of control over Grid, his operating system, and the cybernetics that seem to be expanding over his body so he distracts himself (cause it is a clear distraction – he needs to just talk to his father even though he does not trust him, I am not sure if I even trust Silas) by helping Jane with the clue given to them by Danny The Street of the “Hero of the Beach” Flex Mentallo, because Jane is so determined to find the Chief now more than ever, for answers about herself and the previous Doom Patrol’s facility he was going to put her in, Vic is captured by the Bureau of Normalcy when they are separated.

This episode got me in my feelings for sure as it forced Larry and Cliff, even to a certain extent Jane and Vic, to come to grips with their new realities and their past. Now considering that Larry was the only one who ended up getting closure, I expect that the rest of them still have a lot to deal with. The ending there where Frank Ocean’s rendition of Moon River plays over a contrast between Larry getting closure and Cliff not is incredibly powerful. I really hope things work out for Cliff. I am surprised that the Bureau would actually take someone like Vic who is so high profile and why now? Is it because of what happened on Danny the Street? People are going to notice if Cyborg disappears.

Rating: 8.2/10