Silas Stone arrives at Doom Manor, looking for Vic, to a cold reception from the rest of the team. Silas is pretty sure that if the Bureau of Normalcy, who by the way acknowledge that if them keeping Cyborg becomes public knowledge then they could get in trouble, then it is probably at the Ant Farm. Larry, who was kept by the Bureau is reluctant like Rita to go to there and break Vic out also they don’t exactly 100% trust Silas especially Rita and Jane, who has been witness to how out of control Grid, Vic’s operating system, has become and how fearful Vic is of it all.

Silas infiltrates the farm and pretends to betray the rest of the team, in exchange for his son, while Rita in elastic form, in Cliff, releases him and Larry and Jane escapes using Karen. When Darren surrounds them with weaponry that I don’t even think Jane could escape from, they begin to release the rest of the farm’s inmates causing all kinds of chaos and those little butt things are extremely creepy so of course Doom Patrol would introduce something so weird and absurd at a time like this.

Now while Vic was being held at the farm, he was tortured and Grid rebooted twice causing him to panic and further disorients him. Vic is so out of it that when his father shows up and tells him of their plan, Vic is furious and lets his inability to trust his father and what he believes is happening and beats his father senseless. It’s really gruesome guys especially because unlike some of the rest of the people we have come across Vic is such a sweet person at heart. If you are left with the hope that maybe his father is not dead then Mr Nobody shows up to deflate that hope one may feel. Mr Nobody makes it clear that he was the one who has been orchestrating Grid’s reboots, forcing Vic to relive his mother’s death and even taunts him about the fact that he just killed his father.

As the team finally comes across Vic it seems like Jane’s painting may have just begun to fall into place.

Rating: 8.2/10

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