Team Flash gather all metahumans of Central City to distribute the cure, so that the people who take it can be safe from Grace Cicada’s lethal metahuman poison, of course this is merely a short-sighted solution as not everyone (for example Sherloque’s love interest Renee) will want to actually get rid of their powers so Team Flash dedicate their time to getting rid of Grace Cicada or at least stopping her from finishing off every metahuman in Central City.

After the team tries out the mirror gun and see that it may actually work to get rid of Cicada’s dagger, Ralph tries to get the team to focus on why Thawne would make a plan like this and what it would mean for them to get rid of the dagger, no one is paying him any mind but I can’t help but go back to my thought about how Grace did not have the dagger in the future so clearly she was powerful without so obviously getting rid of said dagger is only a temporary solution to their Grace Cicada problem and yet no one but Ralph is focusing on that part and even he is not entirely focused on the Grace Cicada side of it.

Nora wants to help the team find out where Grace Cicada is and what she is doing by using the connection between their minds but first Grace notices the connection and then tapping into Grace’s mind and emotions makes Nora tap into the Negative speedforce whenever they connect. When Grace Cicada has collected the final pieces to go through with her plan, Cisco is able to dismantle the cryo-atomiser although right when the team work to get rid of the dagger Ralph starts to figure out why Thawne needed the dagger gone. Nora is clearly overcompensating this episode by volunteering to go into Grace’s mind despite the danger unlike her father during the Savitar days.

So Thawne wanted the dagger gone because in his time in 2049 the dagger is being used to restrain him and obviously right when he is about to get executed getting rid of the dagger will allow him to escape. Now this is a brilliant plan and forced me to wonder, again, whether or not Thawne sent Grace Cicada to the past as a way to almost pressurize Team Flash into finding a way to get rid of the dagger because how else did she just find his time machine, find out how to use it and then come back to the exact time she needed to? I am also thoroughly surprised by the fact Barry, of all people, was not even trying to hear Ralph when he was trying to figure out how Cicada’s dagger fit into his plan. I mean Barry can trust Nora again but it doesn’t mean he has to trust Thawne.

Rating: 7.0/10

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