Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Ralph puts himself in the way of the mirror gun, saving the dagger which Grace Cicada then takes back and escapes. As the team try to track Cicada, they eventually find out what Thawne’s plan was. Nora feels so used and in a way to sort of redeem herself comes up with a plan to help rid themselves of Grace Cicada without having to destroy the dagger and therefore set Thawne free. Nora enters the mind of young Grace again to help convince her to take the metahuman cure, there a projection of her uncle, Orlin Dwyer, helps convince her. I am surprised that people didn’t think that them getting rid of the dagger some how would help Thawne, I mean they had to have had their suspicions that being said the idea that this whole thing had nothing to do with Barry is actually hilarious.

While Team Flash try to keep Grace Cicada, at bay while younger Grace takes the cure, Grace Cicada shows up and it seems that the shard in Grace’s head is counteracting the cure and so finally Barry uses the mirror gun to get rid of the dagger therefore curing Grace and erasing this version of Grace Cicada from the timeline. All seems well, right? No, with the dagger now gone, Thawne, in 2049, is able to escape and in typical evil speedster fashion kills all the guards that held him prisoner and that were going to execute him. From the beginning of the episode it looked like Barry was going to prioritize getting rid of Grace Cicada over their Thawne issue so it made that decision to get rid of the dagger pretty simple, plus she was going to kill Nora so he did what he had to do.

Nora and Barry show up in 2049, saving the guards from Thawne by reversing time and with the help from the rest of Team Flash, they are able to subdue him. Now with the new timeline cementing Nora starts getting erased and using this as a distraction, Thawne then tells them the only way to help her is to run her into the Negative speedforce cause it is the only place safe from timeline changes (clearly that is how he keeps doing it) but Nora refuses to enter and become like Thawne and so she is erased from the timeline while Thawne escapes. Well at least we know when we are going to see Thawne next and hopefully they all start using the article to make a plan for when he does show up with his shadow demons.

Sherloque goes back to his Earth probably to be with Renee, although I wonder how someone would feel about switching up Earths like that but it is good riddance because although Tom Cavanagh’s acting is superb I was never interested in this version of a Wells and I know I am not alone. Cisco takes the cure and everyone wasn’t surprised because of the rumors of Carlos Valdes not coming back as a series regular but I wasn’t shocked because although Cisco has embraced his powers, way back in Season 2 he was not happy about being sort of “indebted” or “thankful” to Thawne for helping him get his powers, I don’t know why they had to create the girlfriend arc to do it especially because Cisco has had some better and albeit more dangerous love interests (Gypsy, Golden Glider and even Hawkgirl).

With Thawne’s timeline hacking and Oliver’s deal with The Monitor, the future newspaper changes from 2024 to 2019, hopefully people notice the change but considering Nora left her parents a message in there, they might come across the change, it would be weird if it is not seen until it’s too late.

Rating: 7.2/10