Picking up right where the previous episode left off, we find out that even though Mr Nobody made it seem like Vic killed his father, Silas is actually alive although in critical condition so Rita stays with him. While at the hospital Rita finally comes to term with her guilt over the suicide of a young actress who conceived a baby with a film producer after Rita arranged their meeting, like she had done many times before with other young actresses, just to further her career. There is no going around the fact that what Rita did was awful, first luring so many young women to a clear predator that was that film producer (I wonder if it is the same guy she accidentally killed in the Doom Patrol Patrol episode, cause that dude was so old as well) and then turning that girl away when she came to Rita for help.

Rita feels that everything that happened on the next film she did (the one where she had that accident that caused her powers) was a sort of punishment for what she did, she has been thinking that maybe she deserved it. I think that, just like Cliff, all of this is just a chance for her to be a better person than she was before. Rita surprised me, as the person on the team who seemed like she would NEVER EVER let go of her past or how she used to be, its good to see her change so much. Rita supports Vic as he finally re-installs Gird, his operating system, and as he decides to stay with his injured father.

When the team returns with Flex Mentallo the team thinks that they might get some answers but of course things are never that easy for them because even though they show Flex who he is meant to be, he still refers to himself as his prison number and doesn’t seem to remember life before this or how to use his powers. When the Bureau of Normalcy took Flex all the way back in 1964, he had a wife and a nice life but more than that Flex was extremely powerful. Even when the Bureau had Flex captive, they couldn’t really contain him, not fully so he tried to get help to escape from his cellmate: Larry (or the more willing participant the Negative Spirit). I can see why they need him or more why Danny The Street suggested they look for him, I wonder if he was taken from there and that is how the Bureau of Normalcy found out about Danny as well.

Jane and Cliff struggle to try and get Flex to stop watching TV and use his powers but after making him cry over punching the TV (so he can’t watch his soap operas), it isn’t until Larry after remembering the fact that the reason the Bureau were able to eventually contain Flex was merely because they threatened his wife (stopping him from plotting with the Negative Spirit on how to escape), so Jane goes to retrieve his wife. Now, even though his wife, Dolores, has aged I thought the reunion between the couple was going to be epic and the clear age difference was going to be nothing but right when they are finally reunited and Flex gets his memory back, Dolores disintegrates in front of him because of the Bureau of Normalcy. Now I understand they were trying to motivate us and Flex into getting to be himself again but I cannot help but be mad that they did my man Flex dirty like that after all he had been through.

With Rita returned and ready to take on Mr Nobody, Cyborg clearly out the way, Flex Mentallo finally back and Larry and the Negative Spirit finally being able to be separate but choosing to be together, it seems Mr Nobody thinks that they are finally ready to take him on and I am ready, although I have no idea how they are going to do this because the guy seems basically omnipotent. Besides Mr Nobody, it is clear that the Bureau of Normalcy is the most evil organisation yet and I cannot wait to see them go down further than they have already.

Rating: 8.4/10