The Rogues:

Many different members of The Rogues have made appearances throughout the seasons on the show but I think that needs to be more time dedicated to growing the members of The Rogues. Mirror Master and Top were the main villains back in the flash forward episode of Season 3 and maybe they can start putting together The Rogues with new young variations of the previous Rogues like Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit. I also think that Weather Wizard could make an exceptional leader as well as try to bring back Golden Glider.

The Flash Family:

With Arrow finally coming to an end The Flash will not serve as the lead show in the Arrowverse so I think that they finally need to find the money to bring in The Flash Family over multiple episodes. I think since Jay Garrick retired, maybe they could do a storyline around him, like maybe he calls in all the Flash’s he knows to help or his daughter does when he is killed or injured badly. Bringing all versions of The Flash from different Earths like The Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick and Accelerated Man together would be incredible and something that we all have been waiting for.

Different Earths:

The Flash is the only show that can show us different versions of our characters without having to mess with the timeline. There are so many different Earths, Jesse Quick is from Earth-2, Jay Garrick from Earth-3 and Gypsy from Earth-19 so is it so ludicrous that they would show us, maybe even as a short story arc, one of the Barry’s from another Earth coming to them for help? I mean I see so much fan fiction where people make Barry and Iris criminals and still fall in love. I don’t I am just disappointed in the lack of creativity.

Episode to Episode (and Filler Episodes):

I think The Flash needs to take note from DC’s Streaming Service shows like Doom Patrol or even Titans on how to do filler episodes because the show has a tendency to lose the plot or even throw continuity out the window for filler episodes, there is no need, just write better. Not all criminals they face have to be metahumans, I mean they can take on Arrow’s villains with meta-tech and again The Rogues don’t have to be the Big Bad, they can be the constant pain in Team Flash’s side week to week.

The Flash needs to get back to Iris and Barry voice-over narrations and since Iris has taken a step back from being out on the field maybe Iris can also go back to being a full reporter, I think I am here for Barry and Iris storylines that may not include them having to do the full Team Flash thing, I am missing the times when Iris was doing what she did best, which was being an investigative reporter. This show was always my favorite of the Arrowverse shows and I have stuck with it longer than with the other ones but the quality can’t get worse now especially because Arrow is ending.