The team realize that since they have no way of actually finding the Chief they might as well track the Beard Hunter, who was tracking the the Chief and seems to not have moved in a while (according to the tracker Vic put on him). They track the Beard Hunter to Danny Street where it appears he is hiding. I am not going to lie, I thought he was dead considering the last time we saw him (in Hair Patrol), he was being attacked by the immortal creature that was being controlled by Slava (the Chief’s former lover) but it is not the first time that this creature has let someone live remember Alistair?

After an orgasmic mishap, the team, with the help of Flex, travel into ‘the White Space’ which was being described as a dimension between the panels in a comic book (the levels to this show). Just like in Donkey Patrol, Mr Nobody is in control and splits them up, he puts each of them on the day their tragedies occurred, offering them the opportunity to continue onward and live differently as long as they give up looking for the Chief. Of course the two people that have come the furthest on the show Rita and Larry almost immediately refuse and after some realizations Cliff and Jane also refuse, they come face-to-face with Mr Nobody. I was surprised and not surprised that Cliff fell back into old habits (screwing his daughter’s nanny) now that he was able to feel again but it kind of shows you this great lesson about how everyone thinks that they would go back and change things for the better but contextually who is to say you wouldn’t make the same decisions?

Silas finally wakes up with Vic by his side, in the hospital, where Vic is nothing but apologetic about his actions and for doubting his father but then Silas stops him to admit that he did actually alter Vic’s memories. After the explosion both Vic and his mother survived but Silas could not save them both so the Chief recommended that Silas use the robotic enhancements on Vic because he had a better chance of survival, telling him that, that would have been the choice his mother would have made. Now I understand Vic’s anger because there really wasn’t a need to remove that memory cause all it did was put this really extreme weight, called guilt, on Vic for his mother’s passing. Honestly, Silas, how was that better?

After antagonizing Mr Nobody with his trivial reason for kidnapping the Chief and for all he does, Vic is able to vaporize him. Now I was not expecting a big hand-to-hand combat fight but I do like the idea that Mr Nobody was judging them when he’s reason for being a villain is so basic bitch (he was dumped after being fired from the Brotherhood of Evil). All seems well for the team a year later but it seems that Mr Nobody is not really dead and has trapped them in a death loop all to torture the Chief, nobody realizes this until the real Vic shows up and Mr Nobody promises to continue torturing the Chief until he confesses. The Chief then admits that he was the reason for all of their tragedies that gave them abilities.

Now, I don’t know if you are all like me and went back to how each member actually got their powers but I was so confused as to how the Chief could have constructed these events like Rita’s or Cliff’s accident but clearly it can happen. I guess we all left with big question mark about why the Chief did what he did but also now that Mr Nobody has tortured the Chief into revealing this big secret what else does he have planned?

Rating: 8.5/10