Some time has passed since the previous episode as the team have gone their separate ways and the Chief reflects on the events that led to the creation of each member of the team. Now, I am guessing that some time after his return from being with Slava the Chief continued working for the Bureau of Normalcy and orchestrated each event that led to the team getting their powers not he didn’t seem to mind creating some of them even though his assistant at the time Joshua advised against it, he seemed quite sure. Well Rita was a horrible person before she got her powers so maybe she had this coming and Larry was a Captain in the air-force so he sort of signed on for dangerous situations but what he did to Cliff and his family was extreme and I was not surprised when he was the only one of the team who was extremely hesitant in helping the Chief.

The Chief reveals the reason he did what he did to them was because he needed to extend his life (it seems like it worked) to protect his super-powered daughter for as long as possible. Now can this possibly be a daughter he had with Slava? I mean it would make sense when you consider the fact when Jane went to go fetch her it was in the same spot where the Beard Hunter got attacked by the immortal creature that Slava was able to control. So now maybe his daughter, Dorothy Spinner, is able to control it? Though there is still one unanswered question: What happened to Slava?

Now Mr Nobody is in crisis, see he had such basic-bitch reason for being a villain and now that technically he has accomplished all he wanted he has no idea what to do with himself. Mr Nobody unfortunately chooses that moment to listen to Ezekial (that loud, preaching cockroach) and Admiral Whiskers (the rat that was inside Cliff during Therapy Patrol). So Mr Nobody enlarges them both and kidnaps Danny the Street into a painting, but when they go rogue Mr Nobody is disillusioned again until Rita convinces him to help them with their plan by continuing on his narration. Larry unleashes a nuclear blast that kills Admiral Whiskers, trapping Mr Nobody and the Beard Hunter in the painting, reducing Danny the Street to a brick and using Ezekial as way to survive the blast. I am not surprised that it ended this way for Mr Nobody he clearly is a man that is easily emotionally manipulated, like the dude has no backbone of his own.

I think that it will take forever long for the team to ever really accept the Chief’s apology or even forgive him, I mean think about what Silas said to the Chief and I can’t help but even think that he may have even had a hand in what happened to Vic’s mother and even though we have seen how caring the Chief can be he is also the guy that orphaned Cliff’s daughter by killing him and his wife. Now, I know his defense is that he actually never meant for it to be that gruesome of go that badly but when a dog owner lets its dog off a leash and it mauls a baby, no one blames the dog, the Chief let the Bureau of Normalcy do what they wanted as long as it served him but as soon as they got out of hand he makes it seem like they are the main bad guys.

I am excited to see the team navigate their relationship with the Chief knowing now that he is not a good guy. They became a team to find the Chief so I wonder what it will take to make them a team again. I guess that will not be an immediate concern now that they are back in the world but they are the sizes of a cockroach, I also wonder how long that will last. Also the cockroach and mouse kissing was extremely visual, gross and hilarious.

Rating: 8.3/10