The Good:

Scoops Ahoy Gang:

This ice cream shop gang was made up of Robin Buckley, a girl who by all means does not fall into a stereotype, she is intelligent and although the show could have framed her up to be this former Steve groupie who ends up with him, their confession shows us that she is only motivated by morbid curiosity; Steve Harrington, who is anything but happy about the fact that he is forced to work but somehow still fills our mother-hen love when he takes care of all the children in his life; Dustin, who is the glue of any group he is in each season, finds himself throwing crazy theories out there about his girlfriend and the Russians and yet somehow is right, makes it clear that the previous student now has surpassed his teacher, being Steve.

Erica Sinclair:

This girl who has become more than just Lucas’ sister is the most hilarious character this season. Erica is played by young Priah Ferguson, and has me shocked when we find out that she has been going around calling people nerds when she actually is one. Erica’s outbursts about the absurdity of everything is a refreshing addition to the tone of the show.

Lucas Sinclair & Mike Wheeler Vs. Max Mayfield & Eleven:

I love how Lucas was walking around like an expert on dating, I mean how long have him and Max been dating again? Mike’s transition from a smug boyfriend to fearful and loving one is wonderful to see. I am glad that Max was being such a good friend to Eleven, I mean you feel how sad she is when Eleven leaves, I am definitely going to miss this pair. Eleven is here dealing with her boy problems while the Mindflayer is doing everything it possibly can to take her down because of how powerful she is.

Billy Hargrove:

Billy is not necessarily a good person, as far we have seen, I mean not to say that hitting on the hot moms by the pool makes him a bad person but let’s not forget how he treated Max and Lucas last season, so to see him actually struggle with the Mindflayer’s evil doings was interesting. With all being said about Billy’s internal struggles nothing would have actually worked as well if were not for the incredible performance of Dacre Montgomery, there was so much nuance there. I know many people were disappointed about the tragic outcome of this character but generally characters like him are dispensable and honestly, how did everyone think this was going to end for him?

The Consistent:

Nancy Wheeler & Jonathan Byers:

Although I am here for Jonathan always being the support for Nancy, I was disappointed that he was not seeing how Nancy was struggling with the sexism from those at her work, at first. I am glad that Nancy still has the confidence to investigate things and I also welcomed the fact that she finally confided in her mother because the tension-filled dynamic they had setup in the first two seasons between them was tiresome. That being said we are all here for the couple that stumble on dangerous activities and somehow make it out alive without guns (like Hopper) or powers (like Eleven).

Jim Hopper & Joyce Byers:

I like the father struggle he was having with Mike officially being Eleven’s boyfriend, he is definitely better than he was in Season 2, I am really really going to miss him. Also, I like that the show had no problem showing off his Dad-Bod. Joyce is always researching things that makes her look so crazy but somehow she is the only one that is actually on to something big by no accident.

The structure of a season:

Starting off low tension with everyone separately investigating not knowing that they are the onto the same thing. Ending with high tension when everyone comes together at the end with only a hope and prayer and a bad plan to end all the destruction of their town and world.

Rating: 8.6/10