The Good

This show could have easily gripped onto it’s premise about schooling white people about about black people but at the end of the day, the main reason why I love this show is because it dives deeper into issues that even I come face-to-face with on a daily basis but the main reason this show is fantastic is it shows the ranges of black people we get in society from the liberal to conservative and even from the artistic to the scientists. This show should be lauded more because of the vast spectrum it shows, if not for the fact that it also is one of the few shows out there that does not talk down to it’s audience.

The main take away from this season for me was the topic of cultural blindspots, as a black professor comes to Winchester and starts helping the people of color at the university. The reason it stuck with me was because as a black women it is hard to navigate society when we are often faced with having to pick sides and this is highlighted when Reggie pleads the case of the accused, using the topics of how much he has done for black people at the university and how white women don’t return the support and how we should not help a white person bring a black person down, now Reggie’s issues go deeper into hero worship, but all of his arguments are reflections of a greater issue in the world. The answer the show gave us is the same I have heard from Trevor Noah as well: We don’t get to pick and choose when our morals apply, they should apply always so even though Joelle agrees about how white women are not quick to return the favor in terms of support, Joelle tries to get Reggie to see the damage of what protecting men, like the accused, does to the community.

The Bad

The handling of Reggie. The handling of Reggie and Joelle. I think to have a black love couple on screen sort of pushed the show to put Reggie in a relationship he was not emotionally ready for, therefore putting Joelle in a position of not being an effective girlfriend for him. Reggie is still recovering from the effects of having a gun pointed at him and because he has not dealt with those feelings correctly he sort of goes into what I can only describe as toxic behaviors: he cuts himself off from many of the things besides Joelle and playing video games alone in his room. Now here comes Joelle who likes Reggie but because she has her own anxieties about being perfect she may not see, or Reggie is good at hiding, his deeper turmoil. I just wanted for the show to deal with Joelle realizing that Reggie needed help beyond her and that maybe she should not get involved with him, like that then.

Anyway I hope Joelle finds love, I hope Al finds purpose now that he is finally identifying as a Latina, I hope they expand on the pressures that striving in university can do to someone, as well as dating someone publicly problematic (Coco and Kurt). I also hope that we get to see Lionel deal with dating someone who is HIV+ cause we know how awkward as hell he is.

Rating: 7.8/10