The Good

I think they did an exceptional job at portraying Homelander, and props needs to be given to Anthony Starr for that because I don’t think I have ever truly unsure of a character and their motives more in my entire life of watching a TV Show. I mean we know the supers are not good people, in the sense that they are kind of like real-life celebrities in that they are extremely hypocritical, drug-addicted and often sexual predators. With all that being said, Homelander is the only one who we cannot pin down, I mean yes the world thinks he is good and in the beginning Butcher says as such but even when he does bad things we are never sure if he is just being manipulated and as the show progresses of course we find out that he is just as bad as the rest of The Seven maybe even worse because even the rest of the team are afraid of him but we are still not sure of his motives either way.

The struggle for power is definitely the main theme of the season with Hughie trying to get the upper hand from A-Train and the rest of the supers who do whatever they want; Annie trying to regain her power after The Deep sexually harassed/assaulted her; Butcher trying to gain enough power to finally put an end to the supers, mostly Homelander; Homelander trying to join the army so he has the power to act internationally.

The Bad

I wish they had followed more closely with the plot of the comic books, in the sense that they did not give everything away in the first season this would allow us time to acclimate more with each member of The Boys and The Seven that way we are more invested on outcomes. I also wish that the show either narrated or stuck with one protagonist, the disjointed feel of who’s world view we are seeing through makes it hard to know who to root for, I mean is it Hughie? Is it Butcher? I think because the show went right through the plot-lines from the comics, it felt rushed and therefore it was difficult for us to get our bearings.

With the show not following the direct path of the comics I am not sure of what is going to happen in the next season but I do know one thing: With all the the pieces of Homelander’s plan finally coming together, we are in for a scary, if not psychopathic future.

Also, random thought: Since Homelander has finally succeeded in creating a super-powered terrorist, are we gearing up to see a super-powered battle? Cause I for one cannot wait for Homelander to take someone on his own size.

Rating: 8.4/10