With the never-ending buzz surrounding the Joker film, I couldn’t help but look at the trailers and wonder what are the different expectations people have for the film. Marc Maron, one of the actors in the film, on twitter, called the film “a real grown up movie” and said there is “no capes or tights”. Now Maron’s comments aside, I don’t think any of us really had expectations for this film to be superhero-centric, did we? That being said he is not the only one who thinks of comic books and their film adaptations as not “grown up” but the funny thing is, that just like the Joker film, many superhero films tackle grown-up subject matter, they are just dressed up in capes and tights, and also have happy endings to make us feel better about it all, never thought it was a childish thing.

Getting back on topic, let’s discuss from the trailers and many reviews coming out about what we expect the Joker to deal with:

  • Mental Illness: I honestly believe this is the main topic of this movie, I think we are watching a movie about how someone with mental illness is treated poorly by the system and then dealing with horrible people in the city of Gotham, and how that and all the public humiliation he has suffered causes him to become the Joker.
  • Classism or class discrimination: This is the second main topic of this movie, with the idea that Thomas Wayne may actually be the antagonist to the Joker’s protagonist, I can’t help but think the film will deal with the effects of the rich and powerful like the Waynes thinking they can do whatever they want.
  • Gotham in a new light: The countless film adaptations of Batman and surrounding characters failed to show the view of the city from those who were not vigilantes or rich or constantly plotting, just day to day life. The show Gotham did this but it would be great to see it on the big screen, it would really be great to see how people who are not Bruce Wayne navigate the city.

I am excited to see this movie either way, whether they rely heavily on the comic books or not but I love that comic book characters can be used on such a grand scale to reflect the world around us.