Closing off the Trigon storyline we finally get to see Rachel embrace her powers and get closer to the look of Raven from the comic books, we also got to see Gar shapeshift into something other than a tiger, a snake, and I feel like that was not analysed enough but this is just the beginning of the season. I also hope people talk about how Jason’s darkness involved killing Dick, is it a jealousy thing? Kind of like Jason feels like he may never be able to measure up? There is definitely more under that cocky persona he has.

Was anyone else underwhelmed by the Trigon transformation? Cause I was. I mean we got snippets into what some of the other Titan’s darkness or fears came from and some of them were understandable like Donna’s feelings about her father’s death and Hank’s fear that he might be corrupting Dawn but for Kory, this could have been the perfect time to show us a snippet into her alien world because am I the only one who feels like some of the other Titan’s storylines are played out? Like the constant dead parents or bad childhoods but we’ve never gotten to deal with a DC hero on TV show besides Krypton where we get to see an alien on an alien planet and I think that considering the money that’s being thrown at these shows and the fact that it would be something amazing to see, I thought not giving us a look into Kory’s past was a missed opportunity.

The epilogue of the show saw Dick take Jason, Rachel and Gar to the old Titans Tower, while everyone else went their separate ways. We also get to see what looks like a retired Deadshot come out of the woodwork as soon as he sees and arrogant Jason in the Robin uniform on TV declaring that the Titans were back. This was clearly an introduction into season 2’s main villain and the catalyst for the Titans to reform with it’s new members.

There is a nice moment we get to see Dick talk with Bruce about his issues before he left Gotham and how he has finally come to terms with the fact that it is not all Bruce’s fault that he is still angry or that he has become so violent, I really thought that this would have been a better seen for the season finale because introducing Bruce now was nice but I think just in terms of the direction Dick was going in last season, this episode was an emotional finale to that chapter of himself and would have fit better then not now.

So in conclusion, I understand why this episode was not the season finale as it was not as action-packed or as fast-paced as the Dick Grayson episode but considering it read like a season finale with the way it dealt with all of the Trigon stuff and the Dick stuff as well as showing us a potential new villain and after all this time, finally getting to see Bruce as well as Titans Tower, this felt like an ending not a beginning. I hope the rush to throw the Trigon story into the past was in reaction to the reception of the first season and therefore the second season will be better dealt with, I mean it can never be Doom Patrol’s level but we’ll see.

Rating: 6.4/10